14 Sep 2018

Artificial Intelligence Apps: Compatibility With Modern Business

Technology has revolutionized the aspects of human life around the globe. People are literally living their lives depending on the technology-enabled tools; whether you want to find your life partner or a grocery store, you can find it through mediums like mobile or web apps.

But now what? Is that all?

No, it seems like we just opened the doors of innovations. We are now buckling up for the sci-fi future where apps won't only be the medium but will do the "thinking" too on your behalf. We would witness the successful progress in the technology of artificial intelligence apps which have practically stepped out of the imaginary world and becoming the real deal.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for quite some time now. Business professionals predict that this technology would revolutionize (or partially have been doing already) the way we operate our business strategies and change every facet of the business world. It would soon be trending in almost every industry, whether it would be healthcare, automobile, retail or education.

AI is already doing wonders in the technological world such as starting from the mobile application to the internet of things (IoT). Primary brands are opting to explore artificial intelligence apps to make human lives more comfortable and easier. These brands, for example, are Apple and Google who have created Siri and Google Voice respectively.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The development of computer systems at the level where these machines behave and perform assigned tasks like human beings. These artificial intelligence apps are designed to recognize speech, visual perceptions, language translations and much more.

Majority of brands are choosing to develop AI for automating their fundamental tasks, customer engagement, 24/7 customer service and lower the burden of human manpower.

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The integration of artificial intelligence in the mobile apps gives the user liberty from typing in the command, for instance using just the speech recognition, and receive accurate results.

A high number of businesses, despite the size of the company, preferring to have a mobile application based on the products and services sooner or later. Let's discuss how incorporating artificial intelligence into mobile or web apps would be beneficial for the future of your business.

  • E-commerce Business Would Flourish With AI

    Artificial intelligence is going to be the next shopping advisor for many online shoppers and eventually converting the users quickly into the loyal consumers. Even the slightest pinch of AI in e-commerce mobile apps play a core role in the engagement and retention processes, we can't even imagine what AI would do with the complete integration.

    Most impressive use of artificial intelligence apps is in the retail business as it can dig deeper into the customer's information from the variety of sources such as point of sales, online activities or mobile gadgets, and procure the best strategies to increase the business. The artificial intelligence algorithms fed into these AI apps would analyze and process the customer information to figure out the best suitable ongoing trends as per their requirements and purchasing habits.

  • Artificial Intelligence Apps in Predictive Analysis

    Marketers have been practicing the predictive analysis for a very long time where predictive tools process a pre-defined data following the single agenda-based model and bring down to a decision of some kind. In today's revolutionized business advancements, the old model of predictive analysis is not matching up to the expectations of holistic research from the retailer's database or providing strategical predictions for the growth of the business.

    When the AI approach is associated with predictive analysis, it processes through all the data available such as interrelation between every single product and accessing the decisions related to the inventory forecasting, promotional activities, and pricing. The power of artificial intelligence speeds up the decision-making process for the crucial areas of an e-commerce business:

    • Which marketing channel would be more suitable for a variety of products?

    • What should be the cost?

    • What should be the quantity of the inventory?

    • What should be the range of assortment?

    Artificial intelligence apps assist users to figure out the type of services or products that suit them the most with the human-like assistance. For instance, whenever we make a purchase on Amazon, it automatically picks up the most relevant product display on our next website visit (using AI predictive analysis).

  • Marketing Automation

    The majority of brands still follow the marketing strategies of understanding the demographics to get closer to their prospects based on their interest and broader needs. Then, we try the approach where we segment customers into various groups based on many different factors. However, creating the segments limit the strategical approaches and lead to unfinished work. The ultimate reality is that every customer is unique (we aren't just saying it as a marketing gimmick) and require customized attention based on their needs.

    That's where artificial intelligence comes into the picture with marketing automation activity. Automating the customer interaction exponentially increases the revenue of the company and, simultaneously, maintains the segmented data of the potential customers or the existing customers, and managing the tailor-made campaigns for the individual customer.

  • Artificial Yet Emotional

    AI is heading towards becoming more human with emotional intelligence. We have witnessed imaginary explanations in multiple sci-fi movies such as Chappie, a story about the prototype artificial intelligence which emulates human emotions completely and make opinions based on their experiences.

    Similarly, the algorithmic data isn't just determining what we do but it also signifies our feelings behind it. This emotional recognition technology is just at the beginning stage, but AI organizations predict it to be one of the most successful advancements as it would be able to lower down the burden of work from human manpower and people can indulge their hours in more creative strategies for the growth of the businesses. For example, if we have AI tools in recruitment processes, we can easily decipher the most suitable candidate for the profile based on their cognitive skills. This will help companies invest less time and energy in deciding the final ones.

  • AI or Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence application which recognizes the voice and understands the natural language and further completes the voice command in a conversational manner. A human personal assistant has been performing such tasks since long, namely reading emails or messages, scheduling meetings or appointments, setting constant reminders, coordinating phone calls, taking diction etc. However, these activities have majorly been replaced by the applications like Siri, Alexa, Cortona or Google Now.

    Virtual assistants are constantly evolving to provide more functionalities and value to the users. With the advancements in the speech recognition and natural language understanding, the capabilities of the virtual assistant would also enhance and would eventually move into the business world soon.

    To recapitulate, this discussion has been discussing the current and future advancements of artificial intelligence apps in the modern businesses. Adapting this incredible technology of AI apps has supported businesses to enhance the engagement of customers and revenue. This unstoppable technology has been gaining more popularity with the businesses and completely going to dominate the app market.

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