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Advantages of Screen Sharing Apps in Your Business

January 30, 2018
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The success of every business depends upon continuous communication, isn't it?

We live in the modern age of globalization where every culture, business, and ideas are interconnected with each other. Then, how can we evolve without smooth communication? Unified communications (UC) is the need of an hour. We would like to highlight the importance of these simple looking screen sharing apps or desktop sharing apps in your business profitability.

Let's understand the concept of screen sharing app first.

Screen sharing, as itself explains, is a communication medium which can immediately collaborate anywhere at any given time. You can view the screen of the other members added in the conference. Screen sharing and desktop sharing are similar features of unified communications.

Some of the best-developed solutions would even add the feature of desktop control remotely. This is also known as remote desktop sharing. Unified communications apps are filled with such features and can be tailor-made as per your business requirements.

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Whether you are running a big business group or a small startup, screen sharing solution can add tremendous value to your business structure. We have mentioned certain ways which evidently showcase the advantages of screen sharing tools.

  • Boost Online Meeting Culture
    Screen sharing has made your life easier for many folds. For instance, you had to send the same presentation to multiple attendees over an email and expect them to understand or sending the statistic file to your important client and pray that they are on the same page as you while talking over the call. Screen sharing feature lets you overcome this by controlling the presentation or an important stat on your computer while conducting online conference meeting. Every attendee is on the same page without the hassle of downloading different files and following the same flow of meeting conversation.

  • Online Demonstration of Your Product
    This is one of the most important benefits any product-oriented company can avail. You can talk to your potential prospects directly using screen share and show them the intricacies of product type within your control. It lets you come out of a cliché marketing approach and answer your potential clients with the improved method.

  • Training the Employees or Clients Remotely
    Screen sharing could be a perfect medium to expand remotely even on a lower budget. How? You can hire and train employees remotely to increase your global presence.

    This is quite beneficial in guiding your clients about the project updates directly instead of sharing the email files. Screen sharing apps are direct communication medium where clients can clarify their doubts and suggest amendments with the reasoning, whereas the outsourcing company can explain their work in a better way and work in coordination with their clients.

  • Provide System Control Remotely
    You can let the person sitting on the other side to control your system. Yes, more advanced screen sharing tools can do this. It makes the life of an IT department happier as they can take a remote access to your system and rectify the issue.

  • Enhance Productivity and Cost-effective
    Screen share tools enhance the team productivity, even if they are sitting remotely. All you must do is open your desktop or mobile application and attend a meeting or finish an assignment along with your co-workers. You won't miss out on anything which is resulting in the improved productivity.

    This tool has been quite beneficial as major part of the projects are being discussed over an online meeting that it has lowered down the official travel expenses of various businesses.

One way or the other, a screen sharing tool is going to add a lot to your business. Whether you have a team working remotely or a global sales target, you have got your solution in screen sharing app.

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Yes, as correctly mentioned above, screen sharing applications like Zoom, Webex, or R-HUB web conferencing servers provides many advantages to businesses in terms of Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Usability, Easy Integration, Remote Access and Control, Stronger Relationships, Increased Productivity, Reduced costs, Versatile and Multi-purpose usage etc.
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