19 Sep 2017

6 reasons for corporates to choose Dot NET over open source when developing web portals

In the corporate world, web portals have become more and more significant in streamlining business processes and increasing their productivity.

The corporate organizations no longer focus on developing the basic web apps but more on developing 'need-oriented' apps. The web apps are built keeping in mind the particular business requirements that can be met through the app. There are various technologies such as open source and Dot NET that help in creating great web applications. However, the web developers usually prefer Dot NET to build corporate web applications. Even the corporate companies, most often, select Dot NET web development services. While corporates go for Dot NET as it offers incredible security options and features, the web developers use Dot NET, as it requires way more reduced time and effort to build the web apps through Dot NET technology. Corporate web portals can be very large, complex and may need quite a few modifications to meet the specific business requirements. So if the development process takes a lesser amount of effort and time it is a boon to both the clients and developers. This is where the BluEnt developer's love for Dot NET technology comes in.

BluEnt web developers give you 6 undeniable reasons to choose Dot NET over PHP when developing corporate web portals.

  1. The development process is simpler The simplicity of developing web apps with Dot NET has been one of the biggest appeals for the web developers when choosing the technology. With Dot NET, the various number of tasks such as form submission or client authentication that take a lesser amount of time and are almost effortless. This makes the entire development process simple and easy.

  2. Lesser amount of coding needed For web developers, though writing codes is a necessary, it can prove to be a very tedious task. This is where Dot NET plays a significant role. Their preference for Dot NET is even more justified as they can develop complex and large web applications by writing a lower amount of codes. Writing the lesser amount of codes also means that in case of modifying the mistakes they don't need to go through innumerous codes.

  3. Augmented and more productive toolbox When a technology makes any task simpler, easier and more efficient, it immediately gains more attention and popularity. Dot NET technology has gained preference over open source for the very same reasons. Dot NET incorporates a very enhanced and productive toolbox that makes quite a few tasks painless for the developers. There are various tools that enable automatic deployment and drag-and-drop server controls.

  4. Easy to maintain The web portals developed via Dot NET entails low maintenance. By using Dot NET technology it becomes way easier for the web developers to maintain, edit and manage different sections of the portals.

  5. Great security features Security is one of the biggest concerns for corporate firms all around the globe. Dot NET technology has brilliant security features that help the developers to create highly secured apps. Dot NET is not only a server-side language but also integrate security system into the web app. The code of the portals is never visible in the browser.

  6. Finally, taking functionality of the technology and app to a different level There are a great number of functionalities that come with this technology. The developers have access to them and can integrate them into the web portals. This reduces their time and effort drastically and also makes the app more valuable, practical and useful to the corporate firms.

BluEnt web developers always prefer to build corporate developing web portals through Dot NET . They are experts in developing web apps that are business needs oriented, very useful and help the firms to increase their productivity. Connect with us to know more about our Dot NET web developing services.

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