31 Jan 2017

5 Skyrocketing Online Marketing Trends In 2018

Online marketing has inveterately transformed the definition of marketing since its inception. Today, the digital industry represents a giant kingdom defined by its intricacies and unpredictability. It's becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to keep pace with the constant evolution of digital marketing. With new technological developments soaring, the online world has dominated and in a huge way digitized every industry and organization today.

Technology and consumers go hand in hand. With consumers becoming more and more tech savvy and their need to connect with their favourite brands online is getting stronger. As there are newer developments emerging, we find consumers adapting to them at an expeditious pace. Thus, the aim for the organizations, belonging to any industry, is to adopt the right path and strategies that will appeal to their target audience.

There is no doubt that the already flourishing online marketing industry is going to expand and grow at an exponential rate. With new trends emerging every year it has become imperative for every industry to formulate exceptional strategies to surpass their competitors. Few developments that topped the digital world last year involved conquering newer territories in social media, mobile marketing, video ads, invention of smart devices et al.

Here are the top 5 inescapable trends that every organization needs to focus on and keep pace with for this year.

  • The demand for live streaming video is growing: In the year 2017 we have observed consumers viewing and sharing videos on a higher scale. With content taking up most of the space in the past years, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram introduced a fresh and novel way of entertaining their consumers. With Internet speed not being a hindrance anymore and a higher usage of mobiles we see many platforms offering live streaming options. In this year, we expect to see live videos being used by more brands and consumers.

  • Content: Higher quality and engagement value: Content has always played an indispensible role in online marketing. However, going forward, in order to stand out, the content needs to be of a higher quality with a dab of uniqueness. With plethora of brands using the same platform and displaying similar content – it is very easy for consumers to get bored and ignore the information. Hence, keeping the content unique is essential. Consumers love being engaged. This year we see interactive content being the key to staying ahead in the competition. Consumers love to give their opinions, feedback and participate in quizzes and contests. Thus it is important to select the medium that works best for the organization.

  • Invention of 'wearable' smart devices: In the last couple of years we noticed many smaller, wearable screens emerging such as Apple iwatch. These devices can be worn and it helps the consumers to stay uninterruptedly connected to the online world. This year we expect to see more of these smart devices forcing brands and organizations to focus on this new technology. Like the organizations had to do it for mobiles, they will need to develop websites that now meet the requirement of these wearable devices.

  • Mobile over laptop/desktop: This trend has been a significant one in the year 2017 and we see it being as or more vigorously dominating this year. Mobile marketing has become a vital element when formulating the marketing strategy. We have even seen Google eliminating websites that have not been optimized for mobiles. So organizations that have not adapted to this trend in the past cannot ignore it this year.

  • Increasing power of social media: Till a while ago, social media was all about connecting with consumers and increasing the brand's online presence. It was all about communication. However, social media will not offer a newer and more effective role, besides communication. It will function as new conversion channels for various brands and also provide options to convert prospects into buyers.

To keep pace with these dominating trends of the year 2018 connect with BluEnt. They will ensure that you stay ahead in the competition and the revolution curve by not just adopting and adapting to these trends but mastering them.

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