23 May 2017

3 Ways Chief Customer Officers Can Leverage Mobile Applications

In this new era of 'digital customers', the digital technologies and stalwarts have taken the consumer zone by storm. With consumer's expectations on a rise, organizations offer superior customer experience has become significant. The organization needs to be a champion of the consumer.

They need to work towards building an uninterrupted customer-first mentality across all channels. The organizations have understood the significance of prioritizing their business around their customers. With this objective in mind, customer-centric organizations introduced a chief customer office's profile a decade ago to focus solely on customer experience and support.

Since digitization, the fundamentals of a customer service model have undergone a drastic change. The CCO's embraced the mobile revolution years ago to deliver a more effective customer service and offer an exceptional experience to their users. So far, they have leveraged mobile and its strengths, which has had a great impact on the ways they deal with their customers.

Mobile applications have been on a surge for the last couple of years. CCO's have recently started to adopt apps, though not in a big way, to understand and connect with their customers. This has allowed many companies to succeed. However, there are still ways in which mobile applications can help the CCO's to provide a royal experience to the consumers. It is not possible to come across an organization today, big or small, that doesn't have at least one KPI connected directly to enhancing consumer support and experience.

However, we do notice a gap between need and real investment. According to BluEnt, the mobile applications developed for the consumers will prove to be a key element in closing this gap. Here are 3 ways in which the chief customer officers can leverage mobile applications.

This will allow them to not only deliver a world-class experience but also provide real value to both the organization and consumers. Streamlining the digital experience for the customers: Every consumer is more focused on the experience they are getting – all they want is a great support and an experience that leaves them feeling good. However, if your mobile app experience falls short, your consumers will not think twice before looking for another organization or a digital experience that will fit their needs. In order to initiate a high level of engagement from the consumer, you need to keep the mobile app experience as fluid as you can. CCO's can do that by studying the consumer data to understand where the engagement levels are higher. Also, it's significant to know where the users are converting, purchasing and leaving.

This analysis can help the CCO's to address and execute the results in the mobile app deliverables. Streamlining the digital experience can allow them to magnify the superiority of customer support and experience. Forming an instant customer connection: Leveraging mobile application as a medium of communication with the consumers ensures a quicker connection with them.

If we take Starbucks for example, "Over 10% of all orders at our busiest stores are made through a mobile order and pay," said Adam Brotman, Starbucks' Chief Digital Officer. Mobile apps are considered to be the fastest communication channel amongst all the other digital technologies and inventions. Consumers carry their mobile phones no matter where they go, so as a brand you are with them 24/7. Whether the CCO's need a feedback on feature prioritization, product-oriented inquiries, or anything else under the sun, leveraging mobile app for the same is significant to building a deeper bonding between the company and customer.

Gathering explicit data to map a consumer's journey: The way to ensure that you build an app which is in sync with what a consumer really needs or want is to understand their behavior and empathizing with them. Mobile app engagement is quite different from how consumers connect with other channels.

So to analyze and understand this by gathering data from consumers who use the mobile app will help the CCO's to take actions and create an accurate customer profile. BluEnt is an expert in building a mobile application that can allow the chief customer officer to leverage it to create a world-class experience for their consumers. Connect with us to improve your customer experience. We can assist you to ensure better consumer feedback and enhance your mobile application.

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