20 Jun 2017

Your Brand Needs A Mobile App. Here’s Why.

The most crucial mobile strategy question asked by every single brand today is – "do we really need a mobile app?"

. About 5-6 years ago, the answer would have been dependent on many factors. However, today the most common answer that the marketers and the best mobile developers have for both the big and small businesses is – if you don't want to fall behind the competition, get one. According to the 2013 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, 89 of them designed and launched an app, some of whom had more than one app. This was the case with websites or any kind of web presence about 10-11 years ago. Even an e-commerce platform with shopping carts was 'good to have' options. When it comes to web presence in the year 2017, even the question of whether it's important for your business is somewhat amusing.

Today it is nearly impossible for a brand to survive without a website.