22 Oct 2020

Importance Of Lab Information Management Software (LIMS)

In blockbuster movies, laboratories are often grounds for the experiments of whimsical scientists. The results are often monsters or superhumans that are as entertaining as they are improbable.

It's a bit less glamorous and a lot more serious in real life.

With advancements in medical and pharmaceutical fields, laboratories have become the foundation of the medical industry and a revenue source for numerous tests in healthcare. An accurate diagnosis of patients requires efficiency in the labs.

What is Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS)?

Before the tech era, analysis of tests and further management were time-consuming and prone to errors. However, the advancement of laboratory information management software (LIMS) has been invaluable for detailed information management, better efficiency and healthier patients. Additionally, you can track data and produce reliable results faster.

Among other things, LIMS is used for sequencing and genomics.

This evolution of laboratory software hasn't happened overnight. It has grown from a single feature of sample tracking to multi-featured planning tools.

Benefits of LIMS

Many industries are replacing humans with advanced software that lowers errors and increases overall performance. In the healthcare industry, the laboratory information system (LIS) is gaining popularity due to multiple benefits, including:

  • Better Tracking: Laboratory information software automates the laboratory process, from collecting samples to labeling barcodes. This helps track the laboratory process, including the sample location, stage of processing, etc.

  • Time Saving: Registering laboratory samples and re-submitting the details of the results takes a lot of time and effort. An efficient laboratory software tracks the sample throughout its processing cycle without giving multiple tracking numbers. It also automates the information of the sample, which allows providing a soft copy of the result.

  • Better ROI: Modern LIS allows laboratory officials to work effectively. Labs won't require many staff members to register samples' information, which reduces your costs. These tools help finish a high volume of work at a faster rate. They also allow you to create operational, inventory, test, financial and other reports that help organize data.

  • Designed to Manage Electronic Data Exchange: Laboratories create and collect data every day. This creates the need for improved software tools, which help in electronic data exchange. The result is increased productivity.

  • Life Saver: Laboratory tools are invaluable in saving the lives of patients in critical condition. Modern laboratory information software have the feature, for instance, of panic alert, which automatically sends alerts to the respective physician in case of an emergency. This drastically reduces errors.

  • Inventory Management: Laboratory instruments are crucial for laboratory processes and need careful handling. Software developers are designing new features to integrate laboratory equipment with software. This helps in maintaining the inventory count and controlling the quality.

How Can You Get a LIMS?

The best LIMS will help you manage your laboratory, provide your customers with what they need, create an automated process, and adapt to your business model.

Whether you want a flawless report, efficient staff, or improved laboratory management, the importance of LIS is incomparable in the healthcare industry. LIS expedites the growth of your business and increases your revenue.

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