Big Data Analytics and Insights

BluEnt's analytics and insight team gathers insights and decodes big data. Our focus is on helping organizations make profitable, data-driven decisions.

With analytical tools and algorithms, organizations can gather, analyze and transform data into actionable insights.

Advantages of Analytics

  • Increase revenues
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Synchronized financial and operational strategy
  • Optimized internal process
  • Improved existing products and services
  • New product and service ideas

Analyzing business data from websites, social networks, business applications or machine logs opens up a world of opportunities. With terabytes or gigabytes of data, BluEnt can deliver what big organizations do with petabytes.

We have the expertise to get rid of the lengthy processes that restrict the entry of smaller enterprises into the world of big data.

Our services include:

  • Sales Analytics: Price optimization, sales forecasting, sales force optimization, inventory management, promotional codes insight, SKU optimization.
  • Marketing Analytics: Marketing strategy, new product ideas, product portfolio allocation and optimization, country and category prioritization, remarketing strategy, marketing mix model development.
  • Customer Analytics: Segmentation, demographics, acquisition, loyalty, retention, up-sell & cross-sell strategy, customer buying patterns, preferences, spending ability.

BluEnt provides our clients with accurate and comprehensive insights. We have a team of data analysts, business analysts and technical specialists who work with your organization and ensure that your critical business decisions are based on the latest, most reliable insights.

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