BluEnt's Logo Symbolism

It's not just our dedication to our clients that sets us apart – it's our clarity and attention to detail. This is represented in our logo.

Why are B and E capital?

B and E stand for 'Business solutions for Enterprises' They also join to form the word "BE". This depicts the people – the workforce who are the BEings behind BluEnt.


Each of the colors in our logo symbolizes something important to us.

Blue - Technology, clarity, and honesty.

Red - Energy, power, and quick action.

(Red and BluE are seen as "opposite" colors, signifying the variety and range of our services and ability.)

Yellow - Brightness, a good working environment, and positivity.

Gold - Excellence, quality, and efficiency.

Green - Nature, care, and abundance. It talks about our ability to grow with an organic approach.

Orange - Creativity, enthusiasm and the capacity to take on and fix challenges.

The Globe

Many people advised us to get rid of the globe because it makes our logo look like it's from the 80s.

We couldn't, however, bring ourselves to remove it. It stands for globalization and one world. Hey, a bit of cheesiness never hurt anybody.

The digit 1 in the B1uEnt logo (The modified L)

Well, the true reason for inserting the number 1 is that - after the extremely destructive devastation by Hurricane Katrina in our New Orleans operations back in 2005, a numerologist told one of the founders to change the name BluEnt (summing up to numerological 7 which is more of a spiritual number -- good for spiritual ventures) to something that sums up to 5 (more profitable). This meant changing the name to something like BlouEnt. It was a tough riddle to solve. We finally tweaked the L in BluEnt and made it look slightly like 1 (B1uEnt), satisfying everyone's wishes (making the total 5).

We justified the 1 as:

  • The digit 1 in B1uEnt (Symbol for best) -- No. 1 -- like in an award or an award podium -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Maximum Value Achieved.
  • 0s and 1 are also symbols of programming and technology ...where it all starts.
  • The extended Slant on the one (1) depicts a construction roof (Symbol for Architecture, Engineering, Construction), as well as a mortarboard (academic cap and education) for our continuous learning, innovation, researching and growing capabilities.
  • It also stands for a stage podium depicting our Internet Marketing and Leadership skills.
  • BE 1(One): By BEing together, we at BluEnt, Achieve Maximum Value for our clients and for ourselves, the "BluEnteers".

That is enough about us. Tell us about your organization and what it needs, and we'll be happy to put all these values to good use for you.

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