Cloud Computing

BluEnt's cloud solutions help small to medium organizations improve business operations and maximize revenue by controlling administrative, operational and IT infrastructure costs. Cloud computing solutions empower your employees to share, edit and publish documents in a unified system. We improve communication, enhance collaboration, increase marketing capabilities, and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business processes.

  • Cost Control: Reduce overhead costs for hardware and software
  • Flexibility: Work from any desired location
  • Scalability: Use more or less services depending on the requirements
  • Availability: 24*7 availability of high-end and secure hosting facilities to protect your information
  • Other benefits: Reduced energy cost, server rooms, maintenance and support cost (administrative costs)

Converting to the Cloud

Converting to the cloud environment is easy and quick. You won't need to invest in expensive software, servers etc. and you won't need people to update and maintain them. Cloud-computing experts will review your existing IT environment, analyze the cost of integration with current processes and systems, monitor, and support the cloud environment for you at an affordable cost.

To understand costs and benefits of cloud computing services better, schedule a call with Cloud application developers.

Cloud Clients and Applications

Looking to develop applications for your internal use or trying to launch a product? We design cloud applications for the following situations:

  • Software As A Service (SAAS) providers
  • Record Management Systems for healthcare and education
  • Benchmarking tools, paid calculators for Insurance and HR Consulting
  • Cloud based marketing and Campaign management applications
  • Automating Custom Business Processes such as HR, Payroll, Invoicing, Commission, Lead Management
  • Collaborative, Social Media and Intranet Tools

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