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Developing Logo and Website Design for Telelec

About the Client

Founded in 1971, TELELEC is a manufacturer of world class electric heating equipments and custom made heating elements. They manufacture heating elements for domestic appliances and industrial applications.

Business Needs

Being a manufacturer of the domestic heating elements, they deal with leading industry players including Indian Oil, Essar Oil, Bayer and so on. The client approached BluEnt in 2004 and wanted a custom Website design and a creative logo design to promote their products and services. They required:

  • A creative logo
  • A clean, simple and well-designed website that reflects their brand
  • A comprehensive website for users and vendors
  • Mixed use of flash and graphics in website
  • Better site accessibility
  • Link back to main page on banner/header image
  • Corporate Identity Kit design (business card, letter head, brochure)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Target Audience

  • Top management in process industries like Indian Oil, Essar Oil, Bayer
  • Mid level management and purchase managers
  • Designer and engineers employed with EPC consulting companies like Punj Lloyd, Bechtel etc.
  • Technical persons employed in customer plants like electrical engineers, maintenance managers etc.
  • Purchase managers and senior non-technical management personnel of appliance companies.

The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt engaged a designer to analyze known heating element websites and their analytics processes. After carefully reviewing many websites, BluEnt developed design layouts and logo, and sent those layouts for the client approval. We have a vast library of custom website design and website development templates and can create innovative templates and corporate identity logos on demand. Finally, the client liked our design layout and logo which are still present on their website.

Client was very much excited about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terminology. BluEnt’s web analysts/ SEO team reviewed and analyzed Telelec’s competitors’ websites, gained thorough knowledge about the Telelec services and developed a solid SEO strategy.

BluEnt’s team considered the following standards into consideration while creating TELELEC website:

  • The code was written with SEO perspective
  • User-Friendly design interface for easy browsing
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Unique Titles, Keywords and Meta tags for sharp search- engine ranking and online presence
  • Intelligent Internet Marketing and Promotional Strategies
  • Compatibility across all web browsers assured
  • W3C compliant website coding

The SEO team worked very hard and within a month the Telelec’s website appeared in major search engines like Google and Yahoo! The website achieved #1 ranking in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines. We followed natural SEO method and the website still appears in Google first page against the following keywords:

  • Heating elements India
  • Heating equipments India
  • Electric heating India
  • Chemical heating elements
  • Flameproof heating elements
  • Electric heaters India

Technology Used

  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Flash)
  • HTML

Results. Achieved.

  • The client was happy with the project delivery and the approach we followed. We delivered beyond the client’s expectations.
  • BluEnt is proud of its association with Telelec and to be a part of their success. This partnership continues till date.

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