Decorators Supply

Decorators Supply

CAD Conversion of Artistic Decorative Accessories from Old Book Sketches and Catalogs

Client Profile

Decorators Supply dates back to 1883 when the original founders, Simon Strahn and Richard C. Foster established a partnership to manufacture "artistic decorative accessories". The company blossomed into a manufacturer of cast ornamental plaster. They were one of the manufacturers of moldings that adorned the buildings and halls showcased in the Columbian Exhibition of 1893. People hoping to restore their historic homes and furnishing find the company's catalogs and products an unparalleled resource.

Project Requirements

Decorators Supply's aim was to bring back old design and patterns for carvings, moldings, walls and ceilings, capitals and columns, corbels, fireplace mantels, cabinetry and furniture, convert and re-design them into CAD to exhibit and execute them in latest architectural projects. They had a vast variety of collections. BluEnt was approached to convert these large volumes of artistic decorative accessories from Old Book Sketches and Catalogs to AutoCAD.

Project Challenges

  • No dimensions were provided. However, all the drawings were to be drafted to the desired scale as per the client's needs.
  • Volume of work was huge.

The BluEnt Approach

  • We received input in the form of old book sketches and catalogs.
  • Our task was to convert those artistic decorative accessories accurately in AutoCAD.
  • Work was divided in sets/phases for better coordination and tracking purposes.
  • The entire project was completed in 18 phases over two years. Every phase consisted of at least 30 to 40 drawings.

Results. Achieved.

  • CAD drawings were sent directly to product manufactures. Quality check was BluEnt's responsibility.
  • CAD designs drafted by BluEnt were available on the client's website for downloads.

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