AKA Birojs, Latvia

AKA Birojs

Design Development and CAD Drafting Services for AKA Hotel - 3 Star Hotel in Ventspils, Latvia

Client Profile

AKA Birojis is an architectural design company that specializes in residential and commercial building designs and renovations. The company is owned by Andris Kokins and located in Latvia.

Project Requirements

Designing of a 3 Star Hotel in Latvia. The hotel building consists of a cellar and three floor levels with different types of hotel rooms. The client was looking for an experienced partner to support them from initial design development stage followed by working drawings and finally to develop/draft the guest tower extension and detailing.

Project Challenges

  • Language was the first challenge as all CAD drawings were in Latvian. BluEnt team had to convert them in English to draft the drawings.
  • Multiple options for interior layouts
  • Various specifications and materials for interiors

The BluEnt Approach

The entire project was divided into 3 phases and every phase was defined with specific scope of work and drawing lists. To view the drawing list, room types and translation, click on downloads.

  • Phase 1: Design and development
  • Phase 2: Working drawings
  • Phase 3: Detailing –interiors & guest towers
  • Guest rooms designed were categorized and named as per the design type. In addition, the guest rooms were designed/drafted with multiple interior layout options.
  • Project Coordination: regular meetings were organized between the client and BluEnt team to meet the project deadline.
  • Time Taken: 4 months

 Results. Achieved.

  • High quality drafting work overcoming the language barrier
  • CAD standards including layers, text on CAD files were submitted in Latvian as per the client's requirements and specifications.
  • BluEnt's teamwork paid off and the client gave us another hotel project, a building renovation in Latvia.

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