Revit Drawings and Drafting

There's more to Revit than meets the eye. Did you know that drafting in Revit software allows you to replicate the effect of hand sketching now? Recent improvements in model management, family parameters, scheduling and overall use-ability have created greater control and better results. Which is why, we like to draft in Revit for most of our architectural, structural and MEP projects across the globe.

Our Revit drafters are up-to-date with the latest technological improvements and are conscious of quality processes. Depending on the size of your project, our hiring plans allow you to create a mini Revit studio and hire experts from our Revit team on an hourly basis.

We offer the following Revit based services.
CAD to Revit Conversions Revit to CAD Conversions
Construction Documents using Revit 3D Revit Modeling
3D BIM Model in Revit Convert PDF Drawings into 3D Revit
Revit Structural Drafting Revit MEP Drafting Services


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