19 Sep 2018

Why Your Business Needs A Defined Strategy For Mobile App Testing

There are trillions of mobile applications in the market today and each one is in the race for being unique that the other. In order to make any mobile application successful, the mobile app development company USA have been implementing a more strategic form of mobile app testing. Having a good mobile app testing strategy is very significant as it enables the mobile app developers to offer quality features that magnifies the performance of mobile applications.

The mobile application testing strategy also incorporates having great mobile app methodology and mobile app design. At the end of the day, the mobile app's success is decided by consumers who either feel connected to the app or dislike it.  So you need a strong mobile application testing strategy to understand if you have tapped in the key elements that meet customer expectations and your business goals.

Mobile app testing strategy will allow you to reach to the right audience and help you to test it both effectively and efficiently. To create a winning mobile application testing strategy you need to define the target market, stores you want it on and what challenges you are already facing and how to counter them through finally testing mobile applications.

The challenges do depend on the devices and software you are targeting. While testing mobile applications for Android device is a huge challenge because of the increased number of devices with a high range of screen-sizes and OSs fragmentation. In case of iOS, the main challenges faced in mobile app testing are localization, user's mobility, and different mobile networks.

The competition in the app world is so fierce that mobile app testing strategy has gained more significance than ever. Consumers are spending an expansive amount of time inside apps hence pushing the developers to work on an intelligent mobile application testing strategy and test its success. While forming the strategy there are a few attributes that need to be answered –

Functionality that needs to be incorporated in the final version of the app

  • Testing process across multiple platforms

  • Usage of tools: manual vs. automated

  • Type of device: emulators vs. actual vs. both

  • Kind of testing that will be a part of the process

  • Role of agile testing/geography in the final product

BluEnt's experts have highlighted top 4 mobile app testing strategies that is often used for testing mobile applications.

Device Testing

There are more than 20,000 devices with different types of screen sizes and operating systems. It is of course next to impossible to make the mobile app optimized for all the devices. There first the developers have to work on the list of devices that the app is going to support. This is the first step in the mobile app testing process and is one of the challenging ones as countless number of people use a specific device. The most significant factors to be incorporated when planning the mobile app testing strategy are the OS versions and screen resolutions that will be included and compatibility with various kinds of devices.

Beta Testing Process

This strategy plays a revolutionary role in testing mobile application. It enables one to factor in real world testers, developers, real devices, real communicating network, and extensive geographic exposure. This process helps in understanding and facilitating the behaviour on various devices and network density.

Security Testing

BluEnt perceives mobile app security testing to be one of the most vital part of the testing strategy. The security testing incorporates many key components. One is the data flow vulnerability that helps in checking the flow of data and as well as where the data is stored. Mobile app security testing also checks that authenticated pages are served over HTTPS.

It aids in testing that ensures that data is not leaked between logs and the web data is well-protected. Even test the web data that is getting processed between application to server-side.

Interrupt Conditions

BluEnt experts strongly believe in testing interrupt conditions such as incoming calls or SMS while the application is in use. This testing enhances the functionality of mobile app and hence is considered to be a crucial part of the mobile application testing strategy. According to professionals at BluEnt, any mobile app that doesn't have this as a part of their testing strategy can have a negative impact on the in-progress activities due to interrupt conditions. This in turn can lead to consumers disliking the app.

Of course, these are 4 are an integral part of the mobile app testing strategy however, there few others that do play a significant role. Network Connectivity testing that help in making the mobile application successful on multiple network environment. No matter what consumers we target, it is very important that the app performs consistently on different network environment.

Using cloud mobile app testing process is one route in the strategic blueprint that is given a lot of weightage by the BluEnt team. When a cloud-based testing process is used it aids in giving real-time testing results where imperfections and errors are analysed while running the test. It also helps in reducing the cost, time, and increases the testing efficiency by two-folds.

To form an effective strategy for your next mobile app testing project, connect with our expert team. It's not enough to launch an app anymore as it can get lost in the midst of zillions that already exist. It's extremely crucial that you launch a successful one that deliver an exceptional consumer experience and that's where the professionals at BluEnt can play a crucial role.

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