27 Jul 2016

The Solution to More Apps: Better Apps

Gartner predicts that a whopping 70% of the workforce will be using tablets and smartphones by 2017, which indicates that many of us have already become digital couch potatoes.  The world is a Mobile Web. And with lessening attention spans for consuming more content – especially on mobile – where we only want the best stuff to absorb, you know, as an app development and/or marketing company, to be extremely good at it.

In fact, let's use a better word: better apps.

Be it delivery or a discoverability problem, mobile or web apps, app developers are finding newer, agile ways to provide seamless, easy to use app with a smooth user experience. But with an app for almost anything today, heck even an app to cater to your mood for the day, there is a sure-shot signal for 'app-ers' to scramble their way in creating a space in their user's connected devices.

Seems a 'strange' ubiquity is brewing up. But, for good.

When you have a stiff competition for something, it surely elevates your app's distinctiveness to a completely new level.

The question then comes up is what is the definition of 'better' here.

Let's not make it a feat for you – you just need to have two things running concurrently – you need to be nimbler, and play on your strengths better than anyone else in the marketplace. Hints: personalization.

Via understanding your consumers contextually will take you to newer heights in pacing up with your consumers browsing expectations.

App developers are constantly challenged with with more sophisticated tools for collecting & analyzing in-app data at their fingertips. However, app marketers are getting to know their users' preferences and are much more empowered to tailor messages to increase app usage and drive conversion.  The deeper they dig into the geography, psychographics, buying behavior and intent, app marketers are using their contextual intelligence to differentiate themselves from other apps.

And that is the pivotal point where you can let people meet technology through a stellar customer user experience.

So, yes, to grip it into one solution is this: At the center of the whole UX of an app user is the personalization, customization and the real time information that the user craves via focusing more on integrating elements like applications and sensing platforms.

Gleaning information from their physical, virtual and social environments, App marketers and developers can provide a more intuitive user experience to their consumers – which summates the very purpose of having an app at the very first place.

This will demand marketers to consistently come up with newer ways to outthink the industry when the industry is just 'thinking'.

The personalized, contextual information ecosystem is what is shifting the app marketer's from creating a generic user experience to something which is simple yet profound in its look, feel and usage. Let's agree that there are only so many apps we can have on our devices, which concludes that we have to focus our efforts in making better apps – the ones that give the maximum Return on Investment and engagement.

The future is all about being bespoke and contextual.

What is your definition of 'better' apps?

Let us know – and we will help you scale up your strategy with our mobile Web innovation experts.

Maximum Value, Achieved.



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