09 May 2017

The route ahead: 5 sensational mobile trends transforming businesses in 2017

With exciting innovations in technology crossing almost unrealistic boundaries, the latest mobile technology trends are redefining consumer's needs. It does feel like a decade since consumers have been using Internet through their mobiles as opposed to their computers or laptops. Almost every single thing on the desktop has dribbled down to the phones and is entirely under the consumer's control. From websites, to documents to various applications, they are all in their hands.

The profitability graph for businesses, both big and small, is being reoutlined with these changes and advancements in mobile technology.  There have been innumerable mobile applications that have emerged in the last two years. It has become easy for the smaller organizations to afford them and we have a greater number of users accessing and utilizing them.

Hence, with a rise in the top app makers, which are very easy to use, the development expense of the apps has reduced drastically in the last couple of years. Mobile technology or apps are not a 'novel' thing but they are significantly changing every kind of business. It is an arena that is getting bigger all the time. The consumers today demand a mobile that offers the latest technology – with the most upgraded features and applications.

This has increased the competition amongst different organizations to not only develop the best mobile application but also provide a great experience to their users. Embracing a mobile strategy covering the latest trends and offering an unsurpassable experience should be the top priority for every business to stay ahead of the game. There are technological marvels showcasing crucial growth, every year, in this sector. Let's take a look at the 5 key mobile trends affecting businesses and creating minor revolutions in the year 2017.

Location based services- Geofencing: marketing becomes more fluid Using LBS can allow businesses to provide their users with real time promotions and discounts customized to their locations. Geo fencing works in the moment benefiting the businesses who can arrange for certain promotions to be live during a specific time of day. It also helps the business to limit their advertisements to a specific store or location. With LBS companies can cross-promote with another local business.

Augmented Reality: mapping itself on the mobile journey The potency of AR is still being explored. This technology may not be suited for every business. It has been considered to be underdeveloped and dismissed as a gimmick but if it fits your business it can put you ahead of the competition. Also, by being moved into the utility zone, it adds a whole new dimension of functionality to a mobile. They are perceived to uplift customer engagement which is significant for attracting the millennials this year. For example, AR can be used as an overlay to give information to workers or consumers who are trying to solve a problem or can also be used in a teaching domain.

Instant Apps: get the taste of the app first Google started working on a new trend last year – no downloads required. The instant use of apps through the web is being seen as a new sensation this year. Android devices are the first to experience it. The customers get to use your app on the webpage without actually downloading it. This can prove to be extremely advantageous as it can increase security and help in lowering the resistance to trying a new app.

Internet of things (IOT): magnifying mobile magnetism Everything from household appliances to toys are becoming smart and integrated into the mobile. From TVs to parking meters the mobile apps are able to connect with them. Especially, with 'daily use' items being capable of connecting to the internet is making the consumer's life much easier and seamless. This product list is increasing year after year. Businesses are now focusing on building a new product with an app or allowing their current ones to connect to an app or internet.

Artificial Intelligence: a revolutionary technology In the years 2015-2016 we saw the emergence of artificial intelligence apps such as Siri, Google Now and Prisma. This year we do expect to see many more AI applications. This technology can have a great impact on education, gaming and commerce. An application that could teach a child to learn based on how they learn or games that can be made more challenging by adapting AI.

The same for mobile commerce, creating apps that shop for the consumers based on their preferences by building a list, add them to the cart, leaving the consumer to effortlessly checkout. With these explosive trends emerging, companies that don't embrace them will not be able to conquer their competitors. Whether, you adopted the new technologies last year or not, the time has come for all kinds of businesses to embrace the unescapable ones this year.

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