13 Jun 2022

How Gaming Analytics Uses Real-time Streaming Data to Improve Player Experience

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Gaming analytics is a thoughtful strategy to build better games for high profit margins and success. Being a game developer or independent gaming company, you can always chase down ways to improve player experience and their lifetime value with big data.

By implementing data analytics in gaming, tracking the player's behavior or investment of time within the game is possible. No doubt, most gaming companies count on players' data to emerge in the gaming industry and grow exponentially.

That's a reason why only a few popular video games record high levels of engagement while many compete to retain users in the gaming marketplace.

Let us discover the role of data analytics services in gaming and how game developers are taking advantage of it.

According to Statista, the global video game market will surpass an annual revenue of USD 268.9 billion in 2025- up from $178 billion in 2021. Alongside Asian regions, the growth rate of the gaming sector will witness a sheer increase in North American states.

Also, the current user penetration rate in the video gaming segment is 35.2% and it will hit 39.0% by 2027.

Shooter and action-adventure games are the most popular among various genres of video games.

What makes such games so popular & engaging?

The answer is Gaming analytics, indeed.

What is Gaming Analytics? Let's Delve into It

Data analytics in gaming is one of the big reasons why most gaming companies manage to improve their games. They use analytical data based on users' behavior and gaming preferences to add features they would love to use during virtual gameplay.

Including video game data insights and analytics has become imperative to meet the ever-changing demands of modern gamers.

The role of professional game analysts comes in when:

  • Gaming companies needed to procure valuable gaming data from various sources, including chatbots and live chat support.

  • Game developers and companies desire to introduce exciting and unique functionalities after the detailed analysis of the data received.

There has been a massive increase in the number of free popular game apps available today. It means that users are opportune to explore the game before purchasing it and activate the premium features.

How Does Big Data Analytics in Gaming Work?

If you still need an introduction to big data, let's briefly help you understand what it truly means in the business world.

Big data or super data is a massive amount of structured and unstructured data collected, managed, & analyzed for strategic decision-making. The intelligent system is used to generate data and identify glitches and concerns.

For example, data analytics in healthcare improve treatment outcomes and prevent risks. Other industries, including gaming, financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain sectors hire data engineers for the same.

Impressive statistics and facts on data analytics in the gaming

Gaming analytics is responsible for monitoring, tracking, and analyzing gaming data. Here are a few ways it gathers information to boost player experience.

From user issues & reports: If there are technical issues or glitches during the game, they get stored in the log files. The gamers also have the option to report this issue.

That allows video game app developers to identify and rectify this concern immediately.

From in-app tasks & challenges: There are specific tasks in the games that might be more difficult for the gamers to complete besides being way too easy.

With BluEnt data visualization services, we make it easier for game developers to track these precise data points and make the required changes. As a result, this will keep gamers hooked longer with the game.

From recorded gaming sessions: Most games that involve the multiplayer option allow seamless interaction between different players & it gets recorded by the app. 

That can also happen when players use the save game option. Game developers can rely on recorded sessions to analyze the players' gaming experiences and make improvements accordingly.

From user interactions: Gaming analytics can include millions of interactions between players.

This gaming data is analyzed and then used by gaming companies to make the game more interesting, unique, and realistic over time.

From sentiment analysis data: It's used to understand the complaints and problems that users are facing. That is what predictive maintenance means.

The latter gets saved in the chats and voice messages by the gamers.

From in-game user activities: Data analytics in the gaming industry facilitates the creation of a lucrative monetization strategy for game developers.

In this case, the gaming data includes all kinds of user data, like the in-game options selected by gamers, in-app purchases, or user activities.

Analyzing this data helps in understanding explicit user behavior. It also helps video game developers and companies to use targeted advertisements.

Involving data visualization analytics is indeed a progressive approach to business success.

Gaming companies benefit immensely from using AI and ML. Now let's explore the advantages of data analytics in gaming that disrupts the market and gives businesses a competitive edge.

Benefits of Gaming Data and Analytics

Gaming analytics gives insights into data that can add value to the company's ability to deliver what gamers are fond of.

Businesses can benefit from using certain types of data analytics in gaming.

Spiking the Lucrativeness of Freemium Games

The income derived from freemium games is based on the in-app ads and the premium features purchased by the gamers.

Using the future trends of big data analytics to increase the purchase of freemium games allows gaming companies to make the business more profitable.

They engage a reputed game analytics company to make strategic decisions based on players' behavior patterns and interactions.

This way, data analytics solutions help designers, developers, and companies understand what will motivate players and upgrade features.

Data Analytics Technologies Make It Profitable

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analytics has proved to be quite transformative. Also, advanced data analytics, visualization, and management tools like Unity game analytics, AWS QuickSight, Hubspot, and Salesforce are valuable for game analysts.  

If your gaming data is messy and complex, then you should check out our case study on data management and reporting.

AI can be used with gaming analytics to identify a player's most intricate patterns and behavior. It analyzes the efficacy of the promoted ads beyond the work of experts.

That allows game developers to make the game supremely personalized and promote the 'right' advertisements. That is how Artificial intelligence transforms the gaming world with the involvement of gaming data analysts.

Enhancing the UI/UX of the Game

Gaming data incorporates the feedback that gamers leave on the in-game app. Customer data analytics helps the designers tailor the game design to the gamer's liking and preferences, which helps boost profits.

Developers use predictive analytics and, through predicting, tracking, and measuring the gamer's behavior, they enhance the UI/UX design of the game.

Predictive analysis for risk management also aids in classifying the newer trends and futuristic needs of a game and the players.

As a result, gaming companies stay ahead of the curve by working on upcoming changes in advance. Players enjoy an uninterrupted experience while playing the game, increasing their engagement.

Elevating the Level of Engagement and Fair Play

Gaming analytics through an intelligent system assists in studying the consumer's patterns and behavior at a deeper level.

The design team can recognize which parts of the game are gaining popularity and which parts can be excluded in the next level. In this way, they can implement the latest design trends & techniques with the help of data solutions.

They even work on decreasing or increasing the difficulty of a specific level to ensure players are hooked longer.

Cheat detection with fraud data analytics is another fantastic benefit of modern data analytics and management solutions. Gaming businesses have counteracted insincere practices to ensure fair play.

Encouraging the Sense of Professional Gaming

Top business data analytics tools can benefit users from diverse backgrounds and professionals. Even expert gamers depend on big data to record, rewatch, and analyze their gaming performance back and forth.

The global community of online gamers has been deploying data analytics solutions to find areas of improvement for bettering their gaming outcomes.

Contact us to hire dedicated data scientists for data analytics in gaming.

Salient Features of Video Game Data Analytics

Game analytics is about more than just reading user reviews and noting gaming preferences.

Check out some prominent characteristics of our data analytics solutions for game developers:

Key Game Metrics Analysis

It will involve a gaming data analyst prioritizing core gaming elements for further monitoring.

The selection of each gaming component kept as a priority is based on game genre, monetization model, and other functionalities of the gaming app.

Organized Data Integrity

It asks for the role of a data scientist to sort and analyze identified issues from recorded insights.

Data management teams will examine the collection of datasets in a data warehouse to learn the real cause of the issues. That will play a crucial role in future developments in video games.

Creating And Monitoring Events

That will again take efforts from experts to analyze in-game challenges and events to engage players. 

With this feature of advanced gaming analytics, companies can track the success of their in-app campaigns based on monetization.

At BluEnt, our data engineering solutions assist our clients in collecting, visualizing, managing, and analyzing gaming data. 

Further to gift card tracking, redemption, and reconciliation services, refer to our case study for Gearbox Entertainment, an award-winning game developer based in Dallas, Texas.

Want to Level up your Player Gaming Experience & Profits?
Learn from our Case Study for Gaming Analytics, Gift Card Reporting, and Management Services!

View Gearbox Success Story

Insightful & Understandable Data-driven Reports

Data analysts will depict the system-generated reports and share their findings with marketers, game designers, developers, and producers with the perks of big data in sales & marketing.

Team up with BluEnt and Experience Real-time Game Analytics

Are you aiming to stay in the gaming industry in the long run? If yes, you need to use all the available resources and tools for data-driven management, tracking, and reporting in gaming.

Data analytics in gaming is becoming one of the most transformative implements that are easily accessible to every gaming brand.

The successful process for good video game development and enhanced player lifetime value involves unified collaboration, accurate gaming data, creativity, & regulated planning. Besides getting a well-versed game developer, a gaming enterprise must hire a reputed data analytics and business solutions provider, i.e., BluEnt, to succeed.

Our data analytics competencies encompass end-to-end data science, engineering, and visualization services. Ready to disrupt the market and build a great customer experience with gaming analytics? Let's connect for data solutions!

You can browse BluEnt's portfolio and see our clients' testimonials to know how they praise our work.



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