04 Jul 2017

Impact of Custom Software on Your Business

There was an era when business was as simple as exchanging goods which we also know

as 'barter system'. In today's world, the business is more organized and technology driven, with the obvious goal of gaining maximum profit. Whether you are selling a product or outsourcing a service, you have multiple departments and processes working towards it and it surely doesn't complete without a technology. Each enterprise small or big has its own strategy in achieving its goal. They have their different agendas depending upon the size and the nature of the company.

Business always requires various tools to organize the content, inventory, human resource, customer data etc. Before making any decision on any tool, you need to understand your business requirements and specifications ahead of time. You should calculate in advance where to spend your money and time (after all, time is money). It is always a debate to take a pick among off-the-shelf or custom-made software.

You need to understand what you want the software to achieve and what path you follow to achieve it. Let's try to read both sides of the coin. Off-the-shelf software is ready to use software which companies easily can purchase off the shelf and follow the guidelines to set it up as per their business needs. For instance, the ERP management, CRM management, content management system, e-commerce, and many more portals are designed for the general purpose where businesses can sell or manage their products, processes, and services.

However, this software is quite handy to use and save time, but it deprives of flexibility and modifications as per the ongoing changes in the business. It does not give you a freedom to try a new approach. It is believed that off-the-shelf solution has benefits like lower cost, quicker to execute, a variety of features, design, development etc. Yet if you are looking at the bigger picture, the cost is eventually going, to sum up, more than custom software.

We only count the initial cost at the time of purchase, but there are numerous unplanned expenses like upgrades, software support, monthly or annual licensing fees, installation charges which would inflate the budget even higher than the tailor-made software. Business owners should always keep all the probabilities and specifications in mind like defining your business needs, functionality, risks, strategies, and processes.

Custom software has a positive impact on your business for various reasons. The most attractive aspect of the custom software is that you can start at a small level with essential features and 'eventually' can add more layers of functionalities and features. This gives you the productive approach at the very beginning.

Since this software is made after the research and analytics collected by the consumer and the vendor, it is designed and developed to fit the business as it is supposed to. No separate long training session would be required for employees and keep them away from their daily routine work. The custom software would do its job by making the process easier and save time, rather than wasting it on unnecessary functions and paths. You are practically making money by saving it. Even after having a higher upfront cost, it gives comfort and productive results throughout as per specifications. One time cost involvement saves you money on ongoing updates and hidden charges applied in the off-the-shelf solutions.

Custom software is in perfect alignment with your business, it can give you a better competitive edge over other companies. You are in direct contact with the software developer which can be a lasting partnership as they indirectly become part of your team working towards the same goal of accomplishing your business needs. This software is usually developed using a software language and platform suiting your business in comparison to those of a generic nature.

It gives you the freedom to make amendments quickly with unlimited options. Also, you have a direct vendor support for modifications and maintenance. Most importantly, the software is your property and it belongs to your business. You don't have to wait for any updates on the features and enhancements. Don't follow the crowd mindlessly.

By executing custom software in your business, you stand out with your individual expertise and create your own asset. This translates into a firm position in the competitive market and higher success rate! If you outsource to get a custom software, you need to make sure that you deal with the knowledgeable and experienced team to give you a better edge in your business.

Our team at BluEnt, in India, covet the right skills and acumen to develop it for you. Contact us now!



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