20 Mar 2018

How to use Pinterest for eCommerce marketing

How is Pinterest fruitful in offering the desired results in e-commerce marketing?

Social media platforms are primarily designed to offer an intensified opportunity to the businesses for enlarging their perimeter. The social networks create a devoted relationship with the clients, hike sales, and promote engagement. You must have come across the social media network Pinterest, which has a deep storage of knowledge in diversified niches. How is it useful in e-commerce marketing? How to use Pinterest for business? These are the most asked questions while dealing with Pinterest and the e-commerce marketing strategies. Through this article, we will understand the utility of Pinterest in the marketing techniques of e-commerce.

Importance of Pinterest

Initially, Pinterest has not been offered its justified importance. However, with time the concept has changed and it has gained its rightful significance. Let us check some of the points that will help you understand Pinterest:

  • It has around 75 million users across the world.

  • 80% of the registered users are women.

  • After Facebook and Twitter, it generates the most referral traffic.

  • Relevant products can be found with the help of Pinterest.

Pinterest has been offering immense benefits to the businesses and can prove to be an essential tool for e-commerce marketing. You must be wondering, how to use Pinterest for marketing? Here's the solution to your concern.

Pinterest for E-commerce Marketing

It is primarily a social networking platform with immense potential for e-commerce activities. It serves the purpose of reaching out to a maximum number of people to convert them into potential clients.


Some of the benefits offered by Pinterest are as follows:

  • Creating a comfortable ambiance to create a healthy relationship with the potential clients.

  • Enhance the visibility of the products.

  • Get honest and direct reviews of the services and products exhibited by you.

  • Create an e-commerce business on the basis of the audience of Pinterest.

  • Accelerate the referral traffic.

Pinterest doesn't offer direct sales to the e-commerce websites but acts as a podium to drive the referral traffic to your website.

Integrating your Website with Pinterest

Incorporate the pin button on all the pages of your website for an effective participation of the clients on Pinterest. Along with it, there are other points for designing the effective Pinterest e-commerce marketing strategies, which are as follows:

  • Alluring the customers The prime target of any business is to attract the traffic and keeping them engaged with the useful content. Create a list of active accounts on Pinterest that has similar items in it. This will help engage the followers and understand the products well.

  • Offering acute attention to content High-quality content is the key to achieve enhanced business. It is suggested you chose a strategic approach rather than posting the images of the products. This will help cut across the mundane approach of the other e-commerce websites.

  • Choosing high-definition images Unlike some of the other social media networks, Pinterest primarily focuses on images. Hence, you must never devoid the users from enjoying HD quality pictures. This will help engage the clients in a fruitful manner.

  • Including clear calls to action Incorporating clear calls to action in the content increases the amount of traffic to your site. The simple options of download now, click here, register now, and more; promotes the rate of response from the customers. Hence, leads to an elevated business.

  • Pinterest & SEO Pinterest has been a major platform for referral traffic due to a strong base of SEO. In order to utilize the benefit to the fullest, it is suggested to merge descriptive names with every image and description along with the Pins.

  • Checking the analytics for understanding the performance Understand the performance of your posts with the help of the analytics which is already present on Pinterest. The geographic, as well as demographic details can also be seen with this function.

Conclusion E-commerce sales and Pinterest go hand in hand as both are based on visuals. If you succeed in representing a strong output in Pinterest, the brand marketing becomes easier. This helps allure numerous clients from different niches to visit your website, which influences the business greatly. BluEnt is the pioneer in offering the finest strategies which contribute to the e-commerce marketing in a great way. It will help you achieve the peak of success with the help of the positive strategies and practical approach.

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