30 Aug 2016

How To Ensure That Your Social Media Plan Is On Track

As marketers, we have an obvious responsibility to ensure that our social media activity is going at a pace that seems right, if not accurate -  and is able to generate some buzz about the product or company we are promoting.

So what's the first thing we all should be fixated on?

It's our social media plan. But just mapping the plan is not enough. We need a momentum – an 'optimum' momentum to see how your social media plan is working in real-time.

So here are a few pointers that will help you in keeping your social media plan on track.

  • Social listening. Don't extenuate this little but important part of understanding whether your social media plan is on track or not. There are many social listening tools that you use to understand what kind of conversations are brewing in your industry – and then you can take corrective measures to ensure that only good stuff comes up when people talk about your company/ market trends. Set up Google alerts now! And try Social Mention, Topsy, IceRocket, TweetDeck, etc. By constantly being wary of what kind of conversations are floating on the Web, you can find out relevant industry keywords, brand keywords, location specific keywords and negative keywords. That way your company's conversation can improve, thereby helping you execute your social media plan with these keywords and conversations.

  • Define a clear business objective. Every social media plan is created for a business objective – it could be to increase sales, create brand awareness, or build engagement over a period of time. So once your business imperative is defined, your social media plan can be embedded with necessary information to share and promote online. That way, you are working in alignment with that singular objective without getting sidetracked with other social media minutiae.

  • Identify and define your customer avatar. Not all businesses have clearly defined 'customer avatar' aka your target audience. Defining your ideal customers unlocks many marketing avenues – you'd know what kind of content works for them; what kind of marketing advertisements would work for them; and what kind of social media content would resonate with them to attract them as your client.

    Don't know how to create your customer avatar? Learn more create your own custom avatar.

  • Write relevant content. Your social media strategy hinges on the content you publish. Your content is the fuel for your social media's growth engine so ensure that you post the right mix of curated and self-published content so that your social media calendar is not empty.

  • Choose your social media channels wisely. You don't have to everywhere to be visible; choose your social media channels intelligently to create a maximum social impact and have a grateful customer. For example, if you are a technology company, focus largely on LinkedIn; if you are a fashion startup, you should focus on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. So your social media focus changes based on your business model, customers, demographic, psychographic factors, and other miscellaneous factors.

  • Monitor progress. There are host of social media monitoring tools at your disposal – though some of them can be a tad bit expensive, but totally worth every spend of your dollar. Monitor your social media progress based on the built in analytics in every social media channel and review what your audience has liked and engaged with the most. And then you can rethink newer possibilities that will create a bigger social impact, and include that in your plan for execution for the next quarter.

Is your social media strategy giving you results?

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