22 Nov 2016

To Brand or not to Brand: A Simple 4-step Guide to Branding in Today’s Times.

Social media has been the most powerful platform since the past decade. Back then no one probably thought

how much of an effect it would have on products and services, but here we are now. Branding however, goes way back. No seriously, way back to the Babylonian times. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Unfortunately, branding has taken a bad turn over the few years. Now, people usually roll eyes when they see a company trying to get their customers attention. One reason to this phenomenon is how companies have become so engrossed in just selling their products or services to customers, knowingly or unknowingly making their brand-identity sound similar to all the other companies in the competition. In this 2012 study, it was found that 92% people trust recommendations from individuals rather than a brand. But 2012 was a good 4 years back. Times have now dramatically changed, for good if you are constantly willing to try new things, for worse if you choose to remain rigid and true to the way your forefather conducted their busine