12 Sep 2017

Google introduces new Map Update for tablets and smartphones

Google introduced an updated google maps app recently With the new update, it has made it easier for Map users to get information about routes and places they want to visit or reach.

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The app has been redesigned to display maximum traveling details with least screen taps. The update is going to be rolled out in phases to smartphone users. Says Marcus Lowe, Product Manager, Google, "Our new update to Google Map App for tablets and smartphones provides useful information in real time at your phone screen's bottom."

Features of Google Maps App The new update builds on the design for iPhone released in December 2016. It has been improvised with a couple of helpful GPS and navigation apps features. Latitude has been retired along with changes in offline and My Maps feature.

Why does the new Map App update stand out?

  • Enhanced Google Maps navigation Google has added two new features along with current traffic conditions for convenient navigation around traffic. The app now reports roadblocks, jams and traffic. You can tap and look at incident details. Google Maps will now alert you if rerouting is a better option to reach your destination quickly.

  • Dedicated Tablet Design Google Maps now has a dedicated tablet design. This allows app features to function seamlessly on tablets. You can now navigate the world from the comfort of your home with more fluidity, fun and smoothness.

    Google Maps

  • Explore Option with Tabs This is an easy and quick way for browsing and discovering new places visually without even trying to type anything. All you need to do is tap the search box and you will see several great restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping outlets under different tabs. The 'Places' tab shows restaurants and bars segregated under different heads such as 'Best dinners' or 'Cheap eats'. The 'Driving' tab displays the estimated commute time between work and home. You can also judge traffic in your area with this tab.

    Explore More

    The 'Transit' tab shows different modes of public transport for your saved work and home locations.

  • Reviews and Offers The new Google Maps App now has a rating system with which you can review cafes, bars, restaurants and other places. Moreover, Zagat badges for excellence have been integrated to come up in searches for expert opinions. This way, you can discover local gems. The new app update has another awesome feature which helps locate valuable offers from national brands. These are labelled on new Google maps. Also, check-ins and Latitude have been retired. They were not a part of the new update and became non-functional in the previous versions by August first week.

  • Offline Maps replaced by OK Maps Offline Maps have been removed in this new update. The maps can now be accessed offline by entering OK Maps. With OK Maps, you can pre-load a map area in offline mode. You can do so by typing 'OK Maps' in a search box or by simply speaking it.

    Offline Maps replaced by OK Maps

At BluEnt, we are excited with the amazing new features Google has added to its Map and Navigation App. Since we work with a lot of clients to create GPS and Location Based applications, we'd be creating navigational apps for you keeping Google Maps as a benchmark. We're also open to include more features such as planning meetings and updating venues on your custom app and other handy features. Get in touch to know more!

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