27 Dec 2016

Look Into The Future: What Your Web And Mobile Apps Need

With the amount of volatility in the app market, new apps that changed the game, and the latest technologies waiting to be a part and parcel of everybody's life, the dawn of 2017 seems to omit a bright and exciting light.

In this day and age, the word enough just never seems to be enough. The Web and Mobile App development industry is one that has outdone itself and constantly has kept up to that tempo. It is safe to assume that every business owner in the web/mobile app industry is looking forward to take bolder and newer steps to please their customers. But not all of them know how.

With smart-phones truly living up to their name, and laptops being more advanced and flexible were only hints for the web and mobile app development industry to pick up and brace themselves to something completely new. The beginning of Apple's App Store has left such an imprint on everybody lives, that almost every business owner has a mobile app established for their business, and those who don't are not far-away from jumping on the bandwagon.

2016 has been the year of revolution. But it's time to let go of it now. Which means, one has to focus on the newer and upcoming trends of the next year. With the App development industry being as competitive as it is, you want to stay ahead of all your competitors. And the first step to acquire the first position is by approaching and implementing the trends predicted for the next year, now. You're in luck, for we are about to hand over to you the predictions made by us here, at BluEnt by analyzing and taking into consideration where the world has been leaning towards in these advanced times. No magical crystal balls involved here!

  1. Increased Storage/Cloud Mechanisms: Storage is no longer a want, but has become a need. It is essential to be able to have access to data whenever, wherever you need it. Businesses are volatile and fast-paced. To be able to track the ups and downs at each given moment is not entirely possible, but to be able to fix the down the moment it turns into a complete disaster is very much possible. In coming years will see a rise in cloud systems and storage facilities.There is a special charm about the word "Unlimited." Google's new phone, Pixel, is said to have unlimited storage, which might be a threat to apple, considering the ugly textbox an apple user probably gets in a month saying "storage data full."

  2. Security: Security is and has always been a very important factor for people. It has always been of top concern for people who are engaged in e-commerce with the amount of scams and fraud that has taken place all over the world. Virus, Fraud, Scams and Theft are the enemies. We are sure nobody wants to suddenly wake up to all their bank savings empty because of that cute little handicraft they wanted to buy on that really sketchy website. (Psst: If you are looking for artisanal and handcrafted work, look nowhere else other than SmartHug. It's safe, it's easy and the best part is, it's for a good cause.)2016 has been a year of scrutiny. Not only from the e-commerce viewpoint, but also in the Presidential Election in the United States of America! soon we are going to see a definite advancement in the security aspect. So, stay on the safer side with us!

  3. Vroom Vroom Fast!:  With Faster Internet speeds, this was not really a surprise. We are living in a world that is climbing up Generations year after year. 1,2,3,4 and now awaiting 5G just proves the point that humans love speed. The world is growing and expanding in such a fast rate that having a laid back is simply not going to make the cut. As a business, one has to be very proactive. Mobile and Web Apps are going to be on the rise and are going to be tested on three aspects, a) how fast they work b) how fast they work c) how fast they work. Everything is coming down to speed in a very fast way. (mind the pun) With people being more impatient and intolerant to bugs, your web/mobile apps should be up to the mark to the really high expectations your clientele and prospective clientele have of you.

  4. Messaging: Messaging has and always will be the next big thing. The only difference is the form it takes place in. Take a second to remember the AOL Chatbox, and then the Yahoo Messenger. Nostalgic, is it not? Messaging has since improved its quality and most importantly, reach. Messaging is Instant, to the point and the best way to be interactive with your clients. Be it that little chatbox in your webpage or the Messenger app you have downloaded in your phone; it is all messaging.

    Newer and more inventive companies have started to eradicate e-mails and are more focused on the Messenger app. An example of this would be the company GoatCase, which has been reaching out to its customers via messenger rather than emails. Instant messaging is bound to get a better and quicker response from customers than e-mails. 2017 is the year where most e-commerce websites will make the switch, using Messaging as their number one tool for communication.

  5. Back To The Basics: In the year of 2016, visuals were a prime target for each and everyone in the game. However, the eyes can take only so much. Visuals are no longer going to be the same old same old. Design and framework needs to be different. With people looking forward to more fresh designs which are not stark to look at, Minimalism will rise.  Lesser design elements, more subdued colors and fresh interfaces are key aspects to take note of. Minimalism has been a trend within the markets for quite some time now, but it's true and full potential will be exposed in 2017, with people wanting to see elements which are relatively fresh and new in the market.

  6. NewsFlash: News has always and will always be a current and very important part of everybody's life. Unfortunately, however, not a lot of the younger generation are interested in watching the "news channel" on the T.V. as they are interested in Netflix and Chilling. You might wonder how they get their fix of the News? Well, the answer is simple, yet a little, a tiny bit astonishing. Social Media Apps, like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter have intentionally or unintentionally become the source for news for everybody.

    It's fast, instant and on everybody's fingertips at any point of time. You want your web/mobile app to talk about the news that is relevant to your business which gives displays to your users that you care about the events revolving around your business.

  7. Features: 2016 was the year where there wasn't just a single function an app could do but multiple functions an app had to execute. 2017 will be following that same trend, causing apps to be more multi-functional. Hangouts, is the best example of an app that allows users not only to just chat over the phone but even book reservations, get a train ticket and so much more. Your web/mobile app has to supersede the high expectations of the user simply because, nobody has time for going through 20 apps with different functions.

  8. The Time Of Visuals: 2016 was the dawn of all-things-technological, if you may. This includes advancements in the audio-visual sector, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Why this matters to you? Just because it's new. And everybody wants to taste a piece of the pie. The sky is the limit for web/mobile apps in 2017. Significant feats like Google's AI being able to communicate with one another in their own language means that the coming year is going to be more and more automated and bot-based.

    Coming back to Audio-Visuals, the way of delivering news has changed in a tremendous effect. With the audience being more receptive of video delivery of the news, instructions and other hot-topics challenges you as a business owner to rethink if what you are offering is being accepted by your audience or not.

An anticipated year of change and volatility is upon us. The rooster will surely have its moment somewhere, but web and mobile app development is where it is at.

We know how much your business means to you and we want to help you succeed. Speed up to the times with BluEnt and watch your business grow exponentially. Make 2017 the year of success for yourself. Choose Smart. Choose BluEnt.

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