29 Nov 2016

Exposed: 3 Secrets Of How Digital Advertising Helps Your Business Thrive!

This is the world greedy for audio-visual representations of anything and everything. Text is somewhat dying in these times, causing some trouble for businesses.

Typing overtook handwriting ages back. In this post, it is noted how stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, who have a huge teenage fan-base have terrible writing. One reason for that is because cursive is almost eliminated from all schools. How this all related to advertising? Go on reading and we promise you it will be worthy of your time. The millennials are the generation to be blamed for starting the trend of abbreviation. "Wru?" standing for where are you, "Brb." for be right back etc. They even took that a step further coining an abbreviation for warning their friends to not send them a risky message over the chat-room when their moms were around—"mos" which means, Mom over Shoulder. Yes, that was a thing as well. Such, drastic mistakes have led to a very interesting blend of detective-like parents pulled straight out of a crime show.

The growing-up process is completely reversed now. With children as young as 5 years old possessing fancy gadgets and coloring books are now available for adults, the challenge posed to advertising is broader than before. As an advertiser, one has to learn to bring their approach to the general public and present it for both the youngsters and adults, which is important to optimize their costs for maximum ROI. The only way to achieve that somewhat "impossible" looking goal is using the help of digital advertising. It might look hard, posed the tremendous difference between the younger and the new-to-adulthood generation. But, with an experience like ours, you'll be on the safe (and cool, like really cool) side. Here are some secrets of how we make things happen, at BluEnt:

  • Watch your Vision Transform into Visuals: Picture this, there is a bottle, a bottle which is just appealing to look at, for some odd reason. A bottle that you want to hold in your hand and just sit with outside on a patio of a café on a beautiful sunny morning. It has a straw which keeps rising up because of some odd science that fascinates you even more about the product. This bottle makes you smile. It satisfies your inner child which basically loves the feeling of that little fizzle in their nose when you accidentally take a large swig of the heavenly elixir you finally let open. When that bottle cap made of steel makes that sound, you can feel yourself being happy. You open happiness.

    Coca-Cola—Open Happiness.Now we're pretty sure when you were going through this description of the product, you already knew we were going to talk about Coca-Cola. The last line, open happiness probably confirmed your doubts. Take a second and close your eyes, think about Coca-Cola. What do you see. I can vouch that 99% of you saw the color red with the beautiful cursive font Coca-Cola running in white on top of it. This is exactly the power of visuals. It leaves an impact in your mind.


    This world is hungry for aesthetics. Everything beautiful and bold is guaranteed to leave an impact on your mind. You want to be able to establish your brand in a unique and different way, one which appeals to your target audience. This is the exact basis on which flikr started, to be able to provide the public with beautiful photographs and aesthetic value. However, it lost its popularity to Instagram, which saw the loophole flickr was unable to fix and filled it with their beautiful website. Continue reading to find out what that loophole was:

  • Word of Mouth, in a Different Light: In our blog-post prior to this, we talked about how word-of-mouth revolutionized because of the market. However, the phrase 'word-of-mouth' itself forces people to constantly think of it as a physical process—wrong. Sure word-of-mouth means getting people to talk about you, but that doesn't mean that they have to physically leave the comfort of their couch and go up to their friends and talk about your business. In this world, where social anxiety is a struggle faced by many, a simple text message can actually do the job. But we have a better way to get you out there and get people talking about you.This is exactly what we mentioned in our previous point about how Instagram fixed and filled up this gigantic loophole giving business' a huge pool of potential clients.We are sure you might have seen Instagram ads running on the app, but there are two markets in particular who have grabbed a hold of this amazing feature and capitalized. Those would be the clothing and the beauty industries.

    What some of these smart businessmen did was to talk to big accounts (ranging from 50-200k even going up to 2m) and ask them to run their ads for a whole day for a price.Why this is such a genius move is because you can really redirect the audience to your website and gain a huge fan following from it. Some cosmetic companies send out their products for Make-Up-Artists to feature them in their YouTube and Instagram videos which once again redirects a large group of people to their websites, compelling them to purchase their products. Pretty cool, isn't it? Our innovative and creative team which saw this growing trend emerge thought so too. Learn more of our secrets by contacting BluEnt today.


  • Audio and Visual—Partners in Crime: You probably must have understood the value of visuals in the world of advertising by now, but now is the time to talk about audio. So, plain audio goes well for people who are actually musicians or want to make their podcasts famous. The aux cable in the car deprived car stereos of the radio nowadays, so chances are, audio itself might just be a waste of your time and money in the end-game. What will not be a waste is incorporating audio and visual together.Music, as we know it, can move hearts. Sound is the very basis of any living being. Even plants. No kidding. Read this study noting that plants can be hear themselves being eaten. Gory, eh? We thought so too. But basically, that's the point. Stand in a silent room and close your eyes. Hear your beating heart? If you concentrate enough, you can hear your organs digesting (or indigestion, ew we know). Which furthermore proves our point of how sound is important and is the basis of almost everything.

    Now let's get to how it can be used by your business to give you that edge over your competitors.In the past two years, the world has seen a shift in the way news is delivered. One of the best examples to quote here would be Business Insider, who, with their new publication, INSIDER giving out latest information and news in an audio visual format. Tech Insider, another branch gives away the new feats made in technology on the daily. Another really inventive initiative to bring information to the table apart from the usual print format is Tasty, which brings to the table not only usual recipes, but an easier and usually more simplified version of the recipe that might scare people because of the amount of ingredients and preparation involved. Bottom Line: Audio Visual is the present and the future. BluEnt's approach to Digital Advertising is what is Smart, Desirable and High-Yielding. These are just some of the secrets we have exposed to you to show you how much of our dedication goes to providing you with the best information and content in the market.

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