17 Aug 2017

DevOps vs Agile: Harnessing the power of DevOps in Agile App Development

To cope with IT industry's hiccup of upfront requirements gathering and need of innovation in business computing, more and more businesses are turning to agile app development.

The central premise behind using agile operations for business is the underlying belief that complex tasks are best handled by fragmenting them into smaller, achievable milestones.

What triggered the entry of DevOps into feasible scaling of businesses?

While developmental teams were working on creating applications which granted their companies a business edge, they were facilitated by operations people. These folks ensured that the development team worked to their full potential and kept tech-novation up and running at peak performance.

Clearly, the two symbiotic branches of development industry gave rise to two different cultures. With most businesses trying to break the barriers between operations and development, DevOps emerged as the new superheroes of the tech industry.

So, just exactly what is DevOps?

A DevOps personnel's work is as fancy as their designation. Contrary to popular belief, DevOps for mobile development is not just one technology. It is more of an underlying principle for all team members who are involved in different aspects of developing the same products. Just like any other technology, DevOps has its own ups and downs. Starting and stopping projects multiple times is inefficient as is coercing team members to learn multiple specialities to interact better with experts. However, the added flexibility and aided communication are just some of the advantages DevOps brings to the table.

DevOps for mobile developmentDevOps is Stylish

Power of DevOps and Agile Development for successful mobile app development

Business ProcessDevOps and Agile for Layman

With agile methodology, enterprises can build high-quality software with swifter developmental cycles, reiterating with changing user needs. In order for agile to deliver a project successfully, it must be ensured that enhancements are presented to consumers in a reliable and usable fashion – which means agile methodology needs to penetrate through every step of the project. And this is where DevOps steps in.

For truly agile teams, fast development and testing do not suffice anymore; they need to deliver service and product enhancements to customers quickly too.

How to find if your system is in need of a 'Change' Your business is in need of a DevOps and Agile shift if you are grappling with below issues:

  1. You have competitors who are doing better than your business

  2. You are experiencing pressure on the price of your products or service decreasing

  3. You have only been working on short contracts for a long time now

  4. You fear that you will lose a long-term customer to other service providers.

DevOps Agile Development & Continuous Delivery - A wonderful cocktail to optimize software solution delivery

If you are already working on an Agile approach, adding DevOps will enhance your delivery efficiency along with serving customers more efficiently.

You get the following benefits:

  • You have higher number of satisfied customers

  • You explore new avenues of business growth

  • You improve the productivity of your employees

  • The quality of your software development increases

Sounds great, doesn't it? A fairly neat idea to get the most out of your existing resources.

We suggest the following action plan to optimize using Agile Development methodology and DevOps

  1. Begin your shift by using metrics that focus on customers.

  2. Find out the skills or resource gaps you lack in and address them.

  3. Pay attention to issues pertaining to developmental environments, culture and other resource-intensive glitches.

  4. Now would be the right time to start incorporating DevOps into the environment. You can begin by starting awareness programs and extending support.

Mixing DevOps in Agile development has started to gain traction. This is causing good segregation in IT project management, development & deployment, and support. By integrating operational workflow with actual development, managers are assuring clients of a seamless delivery process. Because of this, the IT industry has been able to cater to various verticals with quick, high-quality solutions.

BluEnt is a mobile app design company with a focus on agile application development. Our team of over 30+ developers is well-versed to work in tandem with DevOps managers from across the world. With over 200 projects successfully completed and deployed for clients in USA & Canada, we are here to help businesses transform into a brand. Our agile mobile app development approach creates robust applications which cater to your business' unique demands. We would love to collaborate with you to give your business the much-required boost.

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