11 Feb 2020

Is Corporate Intranet Portal an Asset for Your Business?

For businesses, there is a need for social intranet tools. These communication mediums will add immense benefits to your corporate intranet.

What is the purpose of the corporate intranet portal?

Imagine a common forum where you, your customers, and your colleagues can share information about ongoing projects and discuss approaches to increase productivity. How easy would it make our lives?

You can achieve all this even if you're at an international location. Corporate intranet portals help you connect with your company's community, and are tailor-made to the needs of your business.

One of the unique attributes of this tool is that whether you are creating an intranet for a small business or a larger organization, you can absorb equally the benefits of corporate intranet software. The social corporate intranet has transformed the business operation system.

Intranet software started its journey with limited functionalities, but evolved to increase productivity, exchange information among colleagues, and handle multiple projects concurrently.

Here are some of the benefits of corporate intranet portal:

  • Better Employee Engagement, Stronger Team

    People can feel isolated at their workplaces due to a stressful work environment. Human resource departments Portal often comes across employees who complain about 'robotic' work culture and no social connections with their colleagues.

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    This can be helped by introducing an intranet software culture in your business; it encourages your employees to communicate professionally as well as socially. Happy employees bring more business, too.

  • Intranet software enables clear and direct communication among staff and leaders. The team can share their ideas and updates, and higher management can give their feedback and suggestions. You will be able to manage information, identify work patterns and potential issues, and come up with better strategic approaches for your business.

  • Less Email Usage

    Many of us don't check our emails regularly and end up with a trail of them piling into our inbox, which sometimes makes us skip even important messages.

    Building a social intranet could help you replace email culture or at least decrease the frequency of checking your inbox. You can keep one forum for the entire conversation between your colleagues or with your clients. This way you can store information in one place rather than shuffling through your inbox.

  • Work from Any Location

    Though many employers think it is hectic to manage people remotely, the corporate intranet portal provides a solution for this. Employees are easily able to share multiple project data with each other, communicate and co-ordinate remotely. Such business intranet software has taken remote employment culture to new heights.

  • Better Project Management

    A corporate intranet helps you keep track of project timelines, progress, important updates, product deliveries, etc.

    It helps you make better decisions and strategies as you can study the trail conversation of the completed projects, employee approach to the issues, factors for the success or failure, challenges, and resolutions during the project timeline. An intranet helps you to bring your revenue graph up by working on loopholes.

  • Smoother Hiring Process

    A human resource intranet helps in building a strong hiring and onboarding process. Many organizations use these portals for internal job posting, which helps them spread the word among existing talent. This also helps managers to identify suitable talent for ongoing projects rather than hiring new people.

An intranet can revolutionize your company and its progress speed. Utilize these benefits by hiring an portal development company.

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