14 Nov 2017

How Human Nature Explains Community Apps

Developing an app has become quite a thing, but people are confused about "what to focus" now.

Let's discuss the type of app which could be or already a next popular thing: Community apps.

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher said, "Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human." How can we differ him? We love living in societies and associated with communities. This could be a benefit for your next app idea. To elaborate it further, the prime examples of community apps are like Instagram and LinkedIn. Instagram is a community app where you can find work of a photographer or a non-photographer for various social and business purposes. Similarly, LinkedIn has created a community of the professionals. If you are living in a dilemma that mobile apps are exclusively for the social media platform like Facebook where all the communities meet or big brands like Walmart which is an international retailing giant, you need to check some facts and logic.

It is becoming quite popular among small startups, specific community-based ideas or midsize businesses. People have understood that your brand presence requires more than just a responsive website. You must have noticed that many small businesses such as a flower shop or a beauty salon chain have their own independent mobile app. This proliferates their marketing strategy and customer loyalty keeping them ahead in the game.

Are community mobile apps evaluated based on the revenue invested or the social community?

The real long-term success of an app is evaluated through the quality and quantity of their target audience. For instance, Facebook bought Instagram in the year of 2012 at the cost of $1 billion. It was always debated as the wrong decision taken by Facebook. You might not feel the same about Instagram now as its worth more than ten times. Instagram success completely relied upon the community based social features which got popular among Facebook's social network audience. Apart from this, many successful apps such as fitness apps have connected the fitness freaks community by adding the social feature into their mobile application. This motivates the audience to gain information and inspire each other through an app.

How to retain your community app audience?

Community-based apps are valuable if your app idea can retain the target audience. There are numerous factors which are deciding the life of your app on your user mobile. The increasing competition and serving the exact features to your target users are few of the hurdles which already make your survival tough. You need to figure out the constant engagement feature in your app which would ensure the attendance of your user on your community app. One of the successful features you can think over is the 'social feature' in your community app idea. To illustrate this point further, let's assume you have created a fitness app for your selected audience. They have downloaded your app for the important features like heart rate, blood pressure, steps, running distance and so on. But there are many other competitors who have created the similar app with more or less same features. Then, what makes your app different? You need to come up with the unique constant feature where your audience can see their friends and family fitness progress or to follow someone with similar fitness goals for inspiration.

Read your customers

Gathering information is such a crucial step in developing an outstanding community app. You got to understand your community for creating a community app. Many app developers crave for researching the relevant information on the idea before starting the developing process. This helps you to understand your user more and develop a highly engaging application. BluEnt is a mobile application development company with the large team of technology consultants and mobile app developers. We have crafted ideas sharper than expected as we believe in achieving maximum value for all our projects. Reach out to us for a talk.

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