24 Sep 2018

7 Secrets of An Engaging Facebook Business Page Post

Social media handles have become an epitome of creating the brand persona.

27 Aug 2018

How to Design a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

A couple of years ago, you could live with a simple social media marketing strategy in your company’s marketing plan. But, not anymore!

25 Jul 2018

Things That Grab Attention of Website Visitors on Your Website

Grabbing someone’s attention for a longer while becomes challenging for humans.

20 Mar 2018

How to use Pinterest for eCommerce marketing

How is Pinterest fruitful in offering the desired results in e-commerce marketing?

29 Nov 2017
22 Feb 2017

The War of the Algorithms: How Major Social Media Channels Work

Social Media, as much as it is talked about has become an essential tool in both the consumer’s and the merchant’s life. It has an enticing grip over everybody through the internet, with the power to allow people to engage with each other in a chain like manner. Take the example of Facebook, which has some 1.23 billion active users on a daily basis.

31 Jan 2017

5 Skyrocketing Online Marketing Trends In 2018

Online marketing has inveterately transformed the definition of marketing since its inception. Today, the digital industry represents a giant kingdom defined by its intricacies and unpredictability. It’s becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to keep pace with the constant evolution of digital marketing. With new technological developments soaring, the online world has dominated and in a huge way digitized every industry and organization today.

10 Jan 2017
15 Nov 2016

Power of Social Media: The Multiplier Effect On Ecommerce Sales

Social media sites have seized our lives so much so that it is difficult to believe that 15 years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter. It has had a tremendous amount of influence on our culture, lifestyle, businesses and the world at large.

18 Oct 2016

The Importance Of Apt Visuals For Your Blog

Writing a blog post is a common place nowadays. Almost everyone has some kind of a blog to articulate their expertise or thought leadership in their respective fields. But to shine in a stack of relatable blogs in your industry is a feat in itself.

Challenges could be many:


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