16 Jul 2018

How to Filter Specific Information for Your CRM Reports

CRM report is composed of selective information from the CRM database. How do you select the data that you want on your report, from the database?

11 Jul 2018

Lead Scoring: Target achievement and analyzing your current position

Lead scoring can be much easier than you think. Developing a lead scoring system culminates from strategic planning, regular reassessment and using effective lead scoring tools.

11 Oct 2016

CRM systems: the what, the why and the how

Businesses these days need to step up their game if they wish to keep up with the competitive markets they exist in. It’s best to be two steps ahead of the latest practices of the trade , and the only way one can do that is by keeping an eye on the demands of their consumers. And the best way to keep a tab on that is by having a good CRM system established for your business.

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