01 Aug 2022

Should You Choose AWS Analytics?

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The data input, storage, administration, and governance layers of databases, data warehouses, and data lakes are all built separately by customers.

These piecemeal attempts to develop independent data stores frequently result in data silos, difficult data integration, wasteful data transportation, and problems with data consistency. Customers are unable to obtain deeper insights due to these problems. This is where AWS Analytics comes into play.

The largest and most active ecosystem belongs to AWS, which has masses of active customers and many partners worldwide. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of AWS Analytics and if it is right for your business.

What Is AWS Analytics?

According to Statista, by 2027, it is expected that the big data industry would have increased to 103 billion US dollars.

Big data solutions offer the tools necessary for effective data analysis. These perceptions can assist businesses in using data to their advantage.

The sophisticated needs for batch and real-time processing, managing unstructured data, and high-velocity transactions, have been met by the advancement of data management solutions beyond the typical data warehouse.

A comprehensive range of data analytics solutions is available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which makes it easier to swiftly build, scale, protect, and deploy big data products.

  • It demonstrates capabilities for gathering, storing, processing, and evaluating large data and comes with a wide variety of features.

  • Customers of AWS analytics have access to a wide range of capabilities, including machine learning for apps and real-time data processing. Data Pipeline, Elastic MapReduce (EMR), aws kinesis data analytics, Machine Learning, and Redshift are the five main AWS solutions for cloud-based analytics.

  • Other third-party solutions are available to diversify and boost the AWS big data analytics portfolio. While each service offers some form of big data assistance, managers must be aware of each one to enable effective data integration.

As per the report by Statista, AWS has become more crucial to the cloud services sector and has been a substantial source of income for Amazon. From its beginning in 2006 through 2021, AWS's revenue exceeded 62 billion USD.

We will now deep dive into the pros and cons of AWS Analytics to help you understand if this solution is the best for your business moving forward.

Advantages Of AWS

Exceptional security

  • AWS's amazing security and capacity to protect your data, IT infrastructure, and so much more is one of its main advantages.

  • Your data will always be safe and secure thanks to AWS's more dependable security measures.

User-friendly interface

  • The AWS Management Console, which is a very user-friendly interface, is what you see when you sign up for AWS iot analytics.

  • Access to a huge selection of apps and services is made possible via this server interface.

  • Although it is advised that an IT professional run the system, this system functions and doesn't require a particularly high degree of technical competence or knowledge.

  • Because the organization offers well-documented web services APIs that you may use to access the platform, use is rather straightforward.

  • You are effectively renting Amazon's infrastructure when you join up. This makes it simple to quickly deploy software, applications, and IT ecosystems.

High level of flexibility and affordability

The flexibility of AWS is one of its main advantages. There is no cap on how much of its infrastructure is available to you at any given time. You have a range of alternatives with AWS.

  • You have a lot of options, including selecting your chosen programming language, operating system, and web application platform. The platform makes it simple for you to add any service or piece of software you choose to an online ecosystem.

  • This facilitates the deployment of new platforms and the migration from current ones. You also have the choice of affordability in addition to flexibility.

  • Imagine having access to a variety of platforms and infrastructure at a reasonable cost. AWS offers and delivers just that. As a result, you may use it as needed without worrying about the expense accumulating while you are away.

Unlimited server capacity

  • With AWS, no IT-related need that your business has cannot be satisfied. Even better, you can do it without being concerned that your services will be interrupted. Also, this is much superior and reliable to standard rival hard drives.

  • Because of its limitless capacity, AWS data analytics dominates the cloud computing industry. Currently, this service powers and manages thousands of enterprises and is incorporated by more than a million organizations worldwide.

One-stop-shop for cloud computing and IT needs

  • Although it was primarily intended for cloud computing and storage, it has already grown to include over 70 more services. This incorporates analytics, mobile, networking, database, and software.

  • It offers a ready-to-use platform that you may utilize to boost productivity and efficiency.

  • All its services are accessible for rent to just about anybody who can afford it or wants it. It is sometimes referred to as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.

This platform is a no-brainer if you have major or little IT demands. By using the service, you can also avoid the burden of having to keep track of several suppliers because all your demands can be managed by a single platform.

Drawbacks Of AWS Certified Data Analytics

Limited resources

  • The fact that AWS analytics only offers resources for certain regions is a drawback. Therefore, the number of resources you have access to depends on where you are or your location.

  • AWS also stops one from consuming too many resources and spending too much money as a new user. This is put in place to stop anyone who wants to exploit the system's resources to undertake hacker attacks.

  • Regrettably, there isn't often a lot of information available on the number of resources used. If you need more, you may always ask for an increase.

  • These precautions are taken to guarantee the security and safety of all platform users.

Common cloud computing concerns

Concerns about moving to cloud computing include backup protection, the possibility of data leaking, privacy concerns, security risks, downtime, and a lack of control.

  • Although it's fair to worry about these potential issues, the cloud computing system has the majority, if not all, of these issues, handled.

  • These issues are not specific to AWS analytics; rather, they are prevalent across the board in cloud computing firms. Your company won't have to worry about any of that, though, as Amazon is aware of how crucial it is to protect these.

Bill flaws and shocks

  • Despite how fantastic AWS analytics is, its billing has a serious problem, and it may be quite confusing for a small business owner who is not tech-savvy.

  • Customers have already encountered bill shock with AWS. There are ways to prevent this, and AWS suggests that you set the monitoring process for your account.

    • By doing so, AWS will be able to give you an alert with an estimate of your monthly spending total and the cost of each service you utilize.
  • Additionally, working via a reseller could be preferable. They will still provide the same services to you, but this time you will be able to comprehend the billing dynamics.

Security Limitations

  • AWS analytics restricts several of its features that cannot be modified at all since security is one of the key aspects.

    • Maximum of 500 per instance and 100 permissions per Security Group for EC-2 classic.

    • 100 maximum security groups per EC2-VPC.

When it comes to AWS, you shouldn't anticipate a flawless setup. As you can already see, AWS Analytics comes with several advantages and of course, a few disadvantages that can't be overlooked. It's significant to respect and be aware of the complicated architecture that makes up AWS Analytics.

Moving to the cloud is now more vital than ever. However, you no longer need to be immersed in indecision while selecting the finest cloud computing service. AWS, with the knowledge and experience it has accumulated over the years, can be massively transformational for your business.


A firm still requires a skilled IT staff to deploy and maintain AWS resources effectively despite all this documentation and the user-friendly interface. BluEnt can help you significantly. We have assisted several businesses in migrating to AWS analytics and maximizing their cloud usage.

Selecting the best cloud platform can be perplexing, but it will make all the difference for your company.

Speak with our specialists to learn more about how big data analytics services and AWS analytics services can transform your company and meet specific project needs.

You can even go through our portfolio to learn more about our data analytics services and data insights solutions.

You can have a flawless cloud computing experience with BluEnt. Get in touch with us right away to begin this journey.



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