03 Jan 2017

4 Steps to Create a Successful Mobile Experience

It is quite baffling to know that both Google Play and App store have more than a million apps each available for the consumers to download.

It is a nightmare for those taking steps to building their very first mobile application. The existence of this countless number of applications has set a stage for fierce competition. Hence, creating a valuable experience for the consumers is most significant to stay ahead in the competition.

Offering an exceptional experience to the consumers is not an easy task. You need to show empathy and put yourself in their shoes to truly understand their needs. This experience built for the consumers does not stem from the product ideas or UX, UI experts or purchasing services and tools. You need to make an effort to listen to what your consumers want and adopt their ideas and views when building or improving the mobile app. Apart from this, one must not forget that the world is currently being dominated by the millennial generation. They love doing almost everything through their mobile. Many businesses and industries that have been slower to evolve such as finance were also pushed to adopt these changes and consumer expectations. Here are 4 ways in which your business can develop a top-notch experience for your users.

A clear consumer experience strategy: First and foremost, forming the strategy, the most significant amongst all the steps. The first move in the strategy is that you need to have a set of guidelines or principles for yourself and your organization. They need to be consumer-focused such as delivering an exceptional service or being humble with your customers. Once these principles have been developed all your team members should embrace them. It doesn't matter who your consumers are at this point, what you need are principles that will define the behavior of your company. These consumer-focused principles will be embedded in the customer support team who are going to connect with different type of customers. Their behavior will show if your company really understands customer needs and if they know how to show the pragmatic type of empathy with customers and specific situations.

The inevitable: answering the elemental 5 W's: Who: You need to know who your target users are. Defining the user demographics is the basic step such as the age and gender. However, you need to create and design user personas for the target group that will elaborate on their ambitions, pet peeves and desires – basically you delve deeper into who your customers really are. These personas will help you create a great mobile experience. What: You need to understand what your consumers need and how are you going to successfully deliver the same through your business on the mobile platform. The 'what' is as important as the 'who'. Why:  The 'why' answers the 'what'. What they need from the mobile app will define why they will use it in the first place. Why should they choose your mobile application amongst the fifty others? Here is where you build the difference and create a unique product. When: To optimize the mobile experience for your users, you must know when are they going to use your mobile application. Is it going to be used on a daily basis such as a to-do-list app or will it be very specific to an activity like a health app, so only when they workout. Where: Is your app location driven? Where are they going to use your app the most? This will help you tap both opportunities and challenges that might exist. For example, if you are going to introduce a game app, which people will probably use while waiting at the doctor's or during traveling so running it on an offline mode is extremely significant to maximize the usage.

An emotional connect with the consumers: The above answers to the 5 elemental questions will allow you to form an emotional connect with your users. You probably know them better than your next-door neighbor (unless he is one of your users). There is a saying, "People don't often remember what you did for them, but they always remember how you made them feel". If your customers are emotionally attached to you and your brand, it's because they remember how they feel when they use your product. If consumers love your mobile application and the whole experience, they are most likely to recommend it to their family and friends.

Capturing actionable Feedback: With all the hard work and effort, you have put in, you need to know if you are being able to deliver a great experience to your users. One way is keeping a tab and gaining data from the public app store reviews. But capturing feedback can also be done through various automated tools such as a short survey before consumers exit your application. It is difficult for users to type relentlessly on a smaller screen so they aren't going to give you detailed feedback. You need to look for ways to gather effective details automatically so the feedback you receive is actionable. Are you delivering a 'wow' customer experience? With customers becoming more powerful that ever, customer experience needs constant attention and care. Connect with us to create a winning consumer strategy now.

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