Why BluEnt

The BluEnt Team

People at BluEnt have been the building blocks to its success. The collective mind of these individuals is the engine that powers our methodologies, ideologies and evolution. We are an ideally proportioned team, a hybrid comprising of technology and management personnel with expertise over specific domains, from Microsoft certification/.net to open source and (Search Engine Optimization) SEO. We are constantly nurturing and building on this plethora of skills.

Technology Expertise & Project Management Skills

BluEnt has always worked towards deep understanding of the technologies it works with. The company has regularly invested in understanding and using innovative technologies that it sees are relevant to build cost effective solutions for its clients. Its research groups focus on assimilating technology, creating frameworks and processes that help design and build highly scalable and performance driven applications for the Internet. Our project management methodology is built on a wide range of experience spanning across many industries. Above all, they are aligned with various CMM (Capability Maturity Model) levels and quality initiatives.

Client Focus

BluEnt has always stood for a deep understanding of its clients' requirements. At BluEnt, customer satisfaction and delight is not just a buzzword- it is the prime philosophy that powers the way we function. Right from the inception to the conclusion of a project, BluEnt is your friend, your partner, your confidant who works at an unbelievable pace and with unmatched dedication to convert your ideas, dreams & requirements to reality. This approach gives us the ability to view projects from your perspective, understand your targets and goals, and then utilize our expertise in developing a solution that is sustainable, scalable and cost effective.

Diverse Client Base

After having worked with varied vertical and business lines, we understand each company closely; be it a midsized organization, an established corporation or an entrepreneurial venture at a very nascent stage. Having had the opportunity to work in varied verticals has been instrumental in building our strengths. Our clients include established travel and transportation companies, overseas IT solutions & consultancies, young entrepreneurs, resellers, suppliers, corporate clients, NGOs and government departments- each was unique in terms of the learning we had with them.

Scalability and Rapid Ramp - Up Capability

Our core strength lies in our ability to rapidly respond to new strategic orientations and infrastructure needs. All of it can be accomplished non-disruptively in a short time span, ranging over 60 – 90 days.

Quality Assurance

Our approach is quality centric for all activities, with procedures and processes documented to maintain a consistent quality level. Audit trails are fully identifiable so that results and their underlying assumptions can be verified.


We are an organization that values commitment, excellence, independence, teamwork, employee leadership and initiative. In addition, we have consistently proved that our values translate into tangible results.


Pamela Martin, Chairwoman, Luxury Marketing Council


Maxine Trowbridge, Founder, PinkMemo

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