Technology Services for Startups

Transform your Web 2.0 ideas into a profitable business

Are you venturing into a new line of business, setting up a new unit, or starting a joint venture? BluEnt can assist you with the most effective IT solutions.

At BluEnt, we understand the challenges start-up businesses face and how important it is to save the resources. Our start-up solutions are designed to help get your business off the ground. Our IT consultants work with you to understand your requirements and deliver the best technology solutions available in the industry at an affordable cost.

We love working with startups to transform their Web 2.0 ideas into profitable businesses. We not only help you with technology and infrastructure needs, but also advise on branding and marketing strategies to grow your business.

Technology Solutions for Startups

We offer a complete array of value added technology services and solutions for startups to establish their businesses including:

  • Technology Assessment and Planning
  • Software Package Installation
  • Systems Integration across the Organization
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Management
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Corporate Identity Kit Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Technology Consulting

We are working with a number of budding entrepreneurs and startup companies across diverse industries in bringing cost-effective IT solutions.

We offer fixed fee and hourly based IT solutions to startups and small businesses. If you are looking for a professional technology partner who can help you in building a robust but agile IT environment for your startup, contact our consultants today!


Pamela Martin, Author & Serial Entrepreneur

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