Knowledge Management System

Streamline knowledge: Get access to right information, at the right time, at the right place

Knowledge and information are irreplaceable assets in the global marketplace today. Generation, capture and dissemination of this knowledge is controlled by a process called knowledge management. Knowledge management systems (KMS) create an easy to use interface and allow access to relevant information and knowledge according to the role the seeker of this information plays. Information is stored in emails, documents and transcripts, chat transcripts, spreadsheets and even within your employee's memory. A knowledge management system creates a structure for the storage, dissemination and management of all this information.

Why Should You Choose BluEnt as Your Knowledge Management System Development Partner?

BluEnt understands the need for a system to effectively harvest, collate, store and communicate information from employees and different sources. BluEnt's KMS allows you to create a comprehensive system that once installed into place manages and grows on its own. KMS solutions from BluEnt work much as the human brain does. They extract information, store, organize, collate and retrieve this information in an effective manner.

Features of Our Knowledge Management System

Event based management; document management and workflow based library are components of our KMS system. Other features of BluEnt's KMS solutions –

  • User friendly interface
  • Collaborates workflows
  • Harvests implicit and explicit employee knowledge
  • Captures and stores relevant knowledge from documents, spreadsheets, emails etc.
  • Organizes and collates this information
  • Knowledge accessible through search parameters
  • Disseminates relevant information based on use and role of seeker
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