Customer Relationship Management

Streamline customer information with marketing, sales and services processes…ACHIEVED

Successful organizations view any customer interaction as an opportunity. Communicating and sharing information with customers improve retention and revenue, and strengthen brand loyalty. Customer relationship management (CRM) system presents a comprehensive picture of customer needs, behaviors and expectations by analyzing information from every customer interaction at all levels of their e-business network.

Make customer information available at all points of customer interaction and effectively manage and coordinate these interactions across departments, divisions, business lines and locations with BluEnt's CRM solutions. Our CRM solutions can help your company address all four phases of the customer interaction life cycle i.e. customer engagement, business transaction, order fulfillment and customer service.

BluEnt's CRM Solutions

Achieving success with CRM requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, and optimization of best practices. BluEnt’s CRM solutions are designed to provide these services in a coordinated manner to the clients. Our CRM support services include:

  • Create CRM roadmap and define CRM strategy
  • Architecture review and system audit
  • Application and database tuning
  • Integration of CRM with other ERP systems
  • Integration of CRM for marketing campaign tools
  • CRM integration support with Outlook, Gmail and so on
  • Upgrade, migrate and maintenance
  • Synchronize and automate sales, marketing and customer service
  • Marketing campaign planning, design and management
  • Custom lead management solution
  • Develop custom CRM dashboard for decision makers
  • CRM software evaluation
  • CRM consulting and technical support

Our CRM Tools

BluEnt has worked with some of the world’s leading companies to build, integrate and automate CRM systems that extend their reach to employees, partners and customers seamlessly. We have expertise in the following CRM tools:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SugarCRM

Why You Should Choose BluEnt as Your CRM Consultant?

Serving clients across industries and locations around the globe has helped us gain experience in the business models and objectives of varied organizations. This insight enables us to create customized CRM solutions for each client. We deliver a power packed customer experience relevant to each customer by streamlining marketing, sales and services operations and processes.

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