Collaboration Portals

With social networking sites and online collaboration becoming the hip thing to do, a large percentage of organizations are developing collaboration portals for internal usage. Whether you are a large corporate, an NGO or an educational institution, the need of custom collaboration portals is increasing. BluEnt’s online collaboration portals are built entirely suited to your requirements. You choose the technology; inform us of your in-house hosting capabilities; licensing structure and we will recommend the best solution available to build your custom collaboration portal.

Custom collaboration portals help your employees/members/students communicate interactively and be up to date with the latest happenings. This helps keep all your information centralized and secure and reduces maintenance time and costs.

BluEnt can customize third-party collaboration portals for you or build one that is completely customized. We have relevant experience in the area of collaboration and community portals development. Starting from design, development, hosting to promotion of B2B and B2C portal, our programmers are committed to develop a highly scalable portal that matches your business needs.

Our collaboration portal development solutions provide you with a portal where -

  • Users can post queries and receive replies
  • Discuss and interact with multiple users
  • Functionality modules such as events calendar, membership management, volunteer ship opportunities etc.
  • 100% personalization of look and feel
  • Authentication of users
  • Users can create communities and interest groups
  • Users will have personal profile pages with a photograph
  • Users can share documents, notes and presentations

Portal Development Services We Offer

  • Intranet Portal
  • Social Networking Portal
  • Jobs Portal
  • Travel Portal
  • E-learning Portal
  • Knowledge Management Portal
  • Real Estate Portal
  • Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Portal
  • B2C and B2B Portal Development

If you are planning to develop an online portal or intranet portal, kindly contact us!

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