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One of the challenges large enterprises with a great volume of content face is establishing a user-friendly way to display its information online so that it is easy to navigate, read and understand. Disappointment with not being able to find right information or poorly structured content leads to negative user experience. Email UsKnow more about BluEnt's Application UX/UI Design ServicesE-mail:
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  • Easy to navigate
  • Structured flow of content that does not require multiple clicks to reach desired page
  • Clean and contemporary design and flow

To develop a user- friendly website, developing a rich user interface (UI) is necessary. The website with intuitive navigation and rich user interface engages the visitors quickly, pulls them deeper into website, and makes them feel a part of the world the website invokes.

How We Achieve Rich UI

BluEnt has delivered engaging user interfaces with a high degree of interactivity for a number of large enterprises with massive amounts of information including GreatSkin, Reward Networks, Citrix, and SunPower. We design rich usable interfaces following the principles of user-centered design (UCD). Our UI design process involves four steps:

  • Step-1: Our creative head and information architect work closely with the client to gain a deep understanding of the scope of information/content the client wishes to present online.
  • Step-2: Our information architect and UX experts define the appropriate taxonomy structure, logic and relationship between terms.
  • Step-3: Then our information architect and designers collaboratively design and develop information architecture and present to the client for review. If the client suggests any changes, we incorporate them in the design.
  • Step–4: We conduct user testing early in the process to validate our understanding and determine whether users understand what the website wants to present. We are committed to develop applications that ensure accessibility for all users.

What makes us different from competition is our domain expertise and multi-cultural understanding. To make your website ideally universal, we do not organize the information based on specific words or terminology that will necessarily differ in each language.

Whether you are unsure of how to develop a rich user interface or need to understand which CMS fits in your organization or trying to fix an existing website, we would love offer assistance!

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