Application Maintenance

Maintaining and Updating IT Environment

Development and integration of reliable applications is not enough. It is essential to regularly upgrade and maintain the applications used extensively in business operations for the continuous success and enhancement of any business organization. Aligning existing technologies with newer and more efficient resources can prove to be cost and time consuming as it might not be the core competency of some organizations. Moreover, effective and accurate maintenance solutions require specialized skill sets and dedicated teams with requisite assessment, integration and management knowledge. As organizations are increasingly becoming dependent on applications, technologies and systems, the need and cost of maintenance has dramatically increased.

BluEnt is a leading application maintenance and support solutions provider. With relevant expertise in the area of maintenance and support for custom-built applications, third party products, database driven applications and legacy systems, we help our clients with maintenance needs for applications built on varied platforms, technologies and frameworks. Email UsKnow more about BluEnt's Application MaintenanceE-mail:
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BluEnt's Application Maintenance and Support Solutions Methodology

  • Existing environment and infrastructure assessment
  • Proactive, corrective and perfecting maintenance and support solutions deployment
  • Continuous supply of support resources for ongoing maintenance, development and upgrades
  • Quick ramp up in case of further requirements
  • Continuous networking with client at their respective locations
  • Ongoing testing from beginning to project completion
  • Documentation

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