Blogs are a great add-on to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Blogging about topics that compliment your business adds value to your existing website with back links and traffic.

Why hire a professional to set up a blog?

Many business owners wonder why they should hire a professional when there are so many options available online to set up a blog. The answer is customization!

A business blog is different from a personal blog. Your corporate blog needs to carry out your corporate image and be coordinated with your website. Corporate blogs may require additional features and extra coding that may not be available with the standard blog setups online.

Some features that a professional will include in your blog -

  • Customized blog design
  • User comments
  • Permalink
  • Trackbacks
  • Monthly/daily/weekly/yearly archiving
  • Comments active only on approval
  • User management
  • Posts management
  • Multiple blogger levels