Corporate Identity Kit

Favorable Contemporary Business Image

BluEnt gives you a contemporary business image that would find favor with your clientele. This distinctive image will be your trump card that you can cash-in all your life. We give you a rare blend of class and eminence that encompasses all perspectives of your branding strategy. Email UsKnow more about BluEnt's Corporate Identity KitE-mail:
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Logo Design

BluEnt's primary punch lies in getting you a logo that endures the test of time. We creatively package your organization's core values and objectives in your logo. Our skilled team of graphic design professionals finds out the ultimate formula in colors, fonts and visuals that make an impact on your clients.

Customer Relationship Management

Brochure Design and Marketing Literature

Captivating the attention of prospective clients is indispensable to your growth. BluEnt will provide you with attention-catching brochures and marketing literature of the highest professional caliber. It will comprehensively incorporate your product/service information, sales strategy and package it in a visually appealing yet informative module.

Letterheads and Business Stationery

Your business identity is absolutely established only when you pervade into people's spaces. We design letterheads, envelopes, business cards, note pads, slips and other corporate stationery that would penetrate into every customer touch-point, associated partners, suppliers, and other people connected to your organization.

Customer Relationship Management

Kindly contact us to explain your specific business needs. We shall offer you excellent enterprise-level solutions!

Featured Services

Design. Campaign. Promote. Design ADs, banners, wallpapers. Create micro websites sites for their TV series including, story line of the season, and schedules etc. Run online contests and campaigns to promote their series for the Sex and The City.


The WOW Factor "Thank you! The banner AD looks fantastic. I like the link of "look inside" so the viewer/reader can click and see more. I will forward these to Blaze with my fingers crossed they work for the specs required. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And again as always you do an amazing job with everything and are very talented and patient. xoxo" - Pamela Martin, Chairwoman, LMC Texas
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