HIPAA Compliant Real Time Medical Records Management Platform

Client Profile

A telemedicine company that supports physicians by offering diagnostic interpretation, a secure, Web-based HIPAA-compliant platform for diagnostic data management, and medical billing services.

Business Requirements

Secure storage and transmission of patient data is a technological and legal challenge for healthcare practitioners and facilities nationwide. StatLink is an advanced telemedicine company offering increased access and excellence in the management of diagnostic medicine worldwide. They wanted to build up a robust patient records management and online real-time supervision application, and approached to BluEnt custom software application development team.

BluEnt Approach

BluEnt team has just completed a robust and secured application for them which is the backbone of their online business. We have been involved in developing custom software (a SaaS platform) called SLO that is designed to manage and maintain over 80000 medical records for companies, laboratories & physicians across the United States. SLO is a strong and integrated tool that contains tools/applications for all necessary activities carried out by the medical community, including data handling, invoicing, live conferencing to facilitate remote supervision of medical procedures etc. SLO is HIPAA compliant that is a self-testimonial about its security features. It has immense customization abilities and so much so that the same product is now being re-designed to suit more and more domains outside healthcare as well which is also handled by us.

There are currently 4 dedicated team members on it including a technical lead, a senior programmer, a junior programmer and a QA resource. Additionally, we have a project manager who is interfacing with the client and helps in issue resolutions and consulting.


BluEnt provides strategic advising, technology evaluation, ROI analysis, 360 degree views, process redesign and system integration services to healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, professors and Government authority seeking to supplant traditional medical data management and medical billing services through technology-driven process innovation. Our APM (application portfolio management) consultants help StatLink owner to identify, implement and manage the technologies and business practices that enable more effective coordination, communication and collaboration. We have been associated with StatlinkMD since 2009 developing a SaaS platform for them called SLO (stands StatLink Office). Statlink has been one of our most esteemed customers and has been extremely satisfied by our service, integrity and commitment.

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