Pinkmemo and Just Max Takes Online Ride

About the Client is a national online fashion publication and social network that features multi-faceted coverage of luxury lifestyle news in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. The magazine provides its readers with the latest on fashion and runway along with lifestyle and luxury news. Maxine Trowbridge, owner of PinkMemo wanted to create an all-encompassing website that not only discussed the hottest style but also fine dining, art and beauty and approached BluEnt with the following requirements:

Project Requirements

  • Develop an online luxury and lifestyle site: They wanted to create an aesthetic website for the affluent consumers, fashion lovers and style devotees.
  • Content Management System: The client wanted a robust content management system in Joomla to manage different categories, sub-categories, blogs, latest information, upcoming events, calendars and announcements.
  • Connect through Events Modules: They wanted to connect the consumers, their peers and brand-advertising clients through social events and social media networking while bringing out their image online.
  • Custom Admin Panel and Dashboard: They needed a user-friendly admin panel to create, update, upload, manage web content & images for recent news, upcoming events, press releases and share the posts on social media.
  • Flash Enabled: The client wanted mixed use of flash and graphics for advertisements and pictures.

The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt reviewed their requirements and recommended a custom content management system for PinkMemo. After several rounds of discussions, BluEnt proceeded for design and development. We designed graphically rich CSS/xHTML based templates with integrated flash elements and custom plug-ins for social media integration and features like Choose a City, Szish Dish etc. The CSS made the site function well keeping the loading time to a minimum. BluEnt divided the project in 7 major sections (modules) -

Inside Story Section:

  • All latest stories are posted in this section.
  • The users can share a story, comment and view other users' comments.
  • A user must be a registered to comment on or share the stories.
  • Old stories are archived and managed through admin.

Event Section:

  • Upcoming events, calendars and announcements are managed in admin panel.
  • Only upcoming events appear in the site.
  • All old archived events are managed through admin.

Blogs Section:

  • Create, edit, upload and delete blogs.
  • The latest blogs appear on the website and the old blogs are automatically archived.
  • Old blogs can be re-published or unpublished through admin panel.

Headlines Section:

  • News content and descriptions are managed in admin panel.
  • Latest headlines and news appear on the site.
  • Old news is archived and managed through admin.

Press Release Section:

  • Press releases are managed through the admin panel.
  • The latest press releases appear in the website and old PRs are automatically archived.
  • All archived press releases can be unpublished through admin.

Gallery Section:

  • All latest images and videos are posted in this section.
  • The users can share and rate an image or video.
  • A user must be a registered to rate or share the images and videos.
  • Old images are archived and managed through admin.

Admin Section:

  • Admin panel has an easy user interface showing all the sections and modules.
  • All sections like events, headlines, inside stories, blogs, press releases and images are managed through a user-friendly admin panel.
  • Administrator can create, edit, upload, publish and remove anything in the website through the admin panel.


BluEnt responded quickly and developed a dynamic and comprehensive content management portal with capabilities to edit and publish content while maintaining data integrity. PinkMemo team was elated and has established a long-term relationship with us. This is another example of our ongoing success story.

Technologies Used:

  • Joomla
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop
  • xHTML and CSS

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