Plan and Create your Dream Wedding Receptions on the Fly

Customer Profile

Evants Inc. (name changed) was formed by an individual who faced a lot trouble visualizing one of her special moments in life – the marriage ceremony. She had to make endless runs to the decorators and planners. She was appalled. It convinced her to do something for the brides-to-be. Intrigued by the fact, she founded Events Inc.

Business Requirements

Events Inc.'s concept was to help the brides-to-be to visualize and customize their wedding ceremony without investing in expensive wedding planners. The vision was to create an online service to allow users to come online and filely create wedding reception settings. Events Inc. wanted to develop a user-friendly and eye-pleasing website with lot of 3D flash and animations.

BluEnt Approach

Events Inc. needed a developer and a 3D modeler at the same time to make this achievable. BluEnt was approached by the client. BluEntCAD, an architecture CAD outsourcing studio and a division of BluEnt, was engaged to address the requirements of Events Inc. BluEnt's technology experts together with the BluEntCAD's 3D experts created a very aesthetically pleasing design and site layout. The design features a flash element on the home page. BluEnt developed over a 100 models of chairs, tables, centerpieces and backgrounds. These models were then used to build a very dynamic application that allowed the user to create and design an event space on the fly. With options of saving different instances and comparing them to see what looks better, wedding planning becomes an easy task.

This website is basically for booking Event Spaces. In this, a person can register for a specific time period depending on plans opted by him and view the available event spaces or create an event for him. He can view and edit the gallery created by the admin.

Technologies Used

  • .Net Framework
  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Photoshop and Flash
  • AutoCAD
  • Image Glue (3rd Party Component)

Architecture: This application is build using MVC Architecture.


BluEnt's web design services exceeded Events Inc.'s high expectations. The website has an advanced model which helps the brides-to-be to visualize their dreams they wish.

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