Case Studies


PinkMemo is a US based fashion magazine. We manage their web promotions, newsletter, online campaigns, emailers and online advertisement management systems. They sell ads on their online magazine as well. We have automated all these processes for them.

Technologies: Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, Photoshop, xHTML and CSS. | Read More


Alsbridge is an award-winning sourcing advisory and benchmarking firm offering unbiased advice and assistance on sourcing and benchmark initiatives to the Fortune companies globally. Alsbridge provides strategic advisory services to a variety of companies across a wide spectrum of industries including technology, transportation, energy, retail, manufacturing, and more. BluEnt has been associated with Alsbridge since 2003. BluEnt manages and maintains technology projects and programming for Alsbridge.

Technologies: Joomla, LAMP, .Net Framework, ASP.Net, SQL, xHTML, CSS, Adobe Suite | Read More

Luxury Marketing Council

BluEnt was selected over three other technology firms to plan, design and build a custom content management system for The Luxury Marketing Council Texas. The new website has many features that provide the critical information to the registered members and clients about the latest marketing projects, upcoming seminars, events, white papers and marketing strategy for luxury products. The user-friendly admin panel allows their staff to update the website quickly and easily.

Technologies: Adobe Flash, PHP, .Net, Javascript | Read More


“We have lost market share, lost Google standing, essentially lost everything in the past two years. This is very complex stuff and we have to have top notch functionality, beauty, appearance to compete” said Mark. He was looking for a turnkey solutions provider who will plan, redesign, host and optimize the website. BluEnt developed a content management system in Joomla. Their sales got increased by 60% within first 3 months of its launch.

Technologies: Joomla, PHP, JavaScript, xHTML and CSS. | Read More

StatLink Systems

Secure storage and transmission of patient data is a technological and legal challenge for healthcare practitioners and facilities nationwide. StatLink is an advanced telemedicine company offering increased access and excellence in the management of diagnostic medicine worldwide. They wanted to build up a robust patient records management and online real-time supervision application, and approached to BluEnt custom software application development team.

Technologies: Unix, Apache, MySql, PHP, JQUERY, Cake PHP, Others API. | Read More

Secret Cache

We developed customized Magento ecommerce portal for the Secret Cache, offering custom Magento theme design, web hosting, installation and tuning, static page for sizing chart, integration with Direc Pay payment gateway, customized style guide and billing options, etc.

Technologies: Magento, PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, JavaScript, xHTML, CSS. | Read More


iPeerGRID, a collaboration portal developed by BluEnt, allows individual and business communities to exchange ideas and best practices with peer members, thus building a collective intelligent database. It has similar features to Facebook™ and is used by 40,000 plus global IBM employees to interact with each other, set meetings, etc.

Technologies: .Net Framework, ASP.Net, SQL Server, MVC Architecture using Table Adapter Pattern. | Read More

Learning Point Associates

Learning Point Associates is known for their leadership in afterschool services, literacy curriculum development, district and school improvement, and educator effectiveness nationally in the U.S. BluEnt Develops an Efficient Assessment Engine tool with User-friendly Interface for Learning Point Associates.

Technologies: NET, C#, MS SQL. | Read More


BluEnt managed their online branding theme called - AMBITION. Our activities included creating banners, ads, wallpapers, screen saver, managing their content, taking interviews of famous personalities, conversing with Bejan Daruwalla for horoscope and managing the technical needs of their online branding.

Technologies: SQL Server, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. | Read More

Kapow! Media

Kapow! Media is an up and coming marketing services company with a clear emphasis on maximizing client response. It uses advanced analytics to tailor marketing campaigns on a customer-by-customer basis.

Technologies: Operating System: Ubuntu Linux Desktop 10.10 for development, Ubuntu Server for deployment. | Read More

Evants Inc.

Evants Inc. (name changed) was formed by an individual who faced a lot trouble visualizing one of her special moments in life – the marriage ceremony

Technologies: .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, Ajax, Adobe Photoshop and Flash, AutoCAD, Image Glue (3rd Party Component). | Read More

Beazer Homes

Beazer Homes USA Inc. is a top 10 national homebuilder with over 130,000 new homes to their credit in multiple locations. Beazer builds single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums that meet and exceed ENERGY Star requirements. Beazer Homes is listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1994 under the ticker symbol “BZH”. BluEnt and Beazer’s association go a long way in construction documentation.

Technologies: AutoCAD, Revit, Building Information Modeling, IPD. | Read More

Sarah Little

We have been associated with Sarah since 2009. We have done a great number of projects and assignments with Sarah. She worked for one of the top 5 outsourcing consulting firms in the US. This firm has been our client for the last 10 years. We always build a long term relationship with our clients, partners, consultants and employees. She manages and maintains technology project and programming for client projects in various industries and service.

Technologies: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Open Source CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress), CRM Tools - SalesForce, SugarCRM, MS CRM, etc. | Read More

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